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do you know the meditation about water starting as a drop of dew on the tip of a leaf?

When i was in college I read an amazing meditation about the journey of a water droplet that started out as molecules in the air that clung together to form mist that turned into dew on a leaf that bound itself to other dew particles to form a droplet… the meditation concludes with the water droplet becoming part of the ocean. I can’t remember the name of the meditation or the author. Please let me know if you know of either. Thanks!


  1. The gross is always caused by the subtle. That’s the way this universe works.
    The meditation is profound … thank you.

  2. Well, I don’t remember any ‘authors’ on this subject but there are probably some people who take this method of meditation out of interest and philosophical values.
    There are two things from your question which I can try to assume, what you are looking for.
    The first one is the Kasina meditation where a yogi takes the element of water as his/her primary object of meditation and contemplates in it, dwell in it and sees the object as it is, without imagination.
    The second is perhaps a contemplation meditation on the nature of the element of water and how it constantly changes. This meditation is related to vipassana practice whereby a yogi investigates the true nature of the elements (earth, air, fire and water). The goal or aim of this is to comprehend the true nature of compound things, the constant shapes, sizes and other changes that takes place and the truth of suffering, impermanence and non-self/created.
    Hope this helps…


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