Home Discussion Forum Do you know the benifits of yoga and Chakra meditation?

Do you know the benifits of yoga and Chakra meditation?

We should all lead a more spiritual path. Look into it you will not be sorry.


  1. No, I don’t know of any benefits of either yoga or meditation. I’m not sure there are any other than mild exercise.

  2. At least you understand that yoga is not just the “asanas” or isometric exercises and postures. You know that it is a SPIRITUAL endeavor.
    But to what spirit?
    Yoga comes out of 3rd Century BC Hindu teaching in India by Patanjali. It teaches an 8-step process called “Astanga Yoga” to help a person achieve transcendence from this existence of the physical world.
    A.W.Tozer said it best : “… no religion has ever been greater than its idea of God.”
    Hinduism says that this stage of Enlightenment where you transcend the physical, personal, intellectual and tactile level of life will bring you into unity with the Impersonal Universe. The Eastern philosophy is “as a drop of water merging into the ocean.”
    But even Charles Manson came to understand the flaw in this logic for in the pantheism of “All is one” then there is NO personal relationship to anyone or anybody. He said – “then nothing is bad.”
    The stars are impersonal. The earth in impersonal. The trees are impersonal. The dirt is impersonal. And then, God is impersonal. Yet, Hinduism through yoga brings a person to understand that they are part of the universe and that they THEMSELVES are god. Then, each person is fully and totally impersonal!
    For this, Hinduism (and yoga) have NEVER been able to raise a person above the lowest common denominator…..the dirt. This is why Hinduism (and yoga) have always devalued the existence of human beings to that of nothing. This is WHY, in India, Hindus NEVER built a hospital or a university. People have NO VALUE !
    But this is what you expound with the practice of yoga. You are telling people that it is a great thing. And you are wrong! You are right in one regard – it is an act of SPIRITUAL WORSHIP which will only lead a person away from saving grace. (nice benefit there!)

  3. What is chakra?
    Chakras are in the Linga Sarira (astral body). Linga Sarira is of 17 Tattvas, viz., 5
    Jnanendriyas (ears, skin, eyes, tongue and nose); 5 Karmendriyas (speech, hands, legs, genitals, anus); 5 Pranas (Prana, Apana, Vyana, Udana, Samana); Manas (mind); and Buddhi (intellect).
    These have corresponding centres in the spinal cord and the nerve-plexuses in the gross body. Each Chakra has control and function over a particular centre in gross body. These cannot be seen by the naked eyes. Some foolish doctors search for the Chakras in the physical body. They cannot find them there. Since they cannot find any Chakra in a dead body, they lose faith in Shastras and Yogic Kriyas.
    Sukshma Prana moves in the nervous system of the Linga Sarira (astral body). Sthula Prana moves in the nervous system of the gross physical body. The two courses are intimately connected. They act and react upon each other. The Chakras are in the astral body even after the disintegration of the physical organism to death.
    According to a school of thought, the Chakras are formed during concentration and meditation only. This is not possible. The Chakras should exist there in a subtle state, as the gross matter is the result of the subtle matter. Without the subtle body, the gross body is impossible. The meaning of this sentence should be taken to be that one can feel and understand the Sukshma Chakras during concentration and meditation only.


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