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Do you know that you put your sole in mortle danger when you yoga?

Yoga is evil, don’t do it.


  1. This one time at band camp, my sisters friends cousin did yoga and broke her back, and lost her soul.

  2. My “sole” eh?, the base of the foot is a part of yoga I suppose, what with the curling and releasing of the muscles…
    You can’t spell mortal either my goodness….

  3. Considering I don’t wear shoes when I do yoga, I think my soles are safe. That would really suck if they were in “mortle” danger.
    Gosh… what would happen if my soul was in mortal danger?!?!

  4. Should not worry the fish too much (sole = fish soul= your mental outlook)
    How on earth can your soul be in mortal danger through Yoga for heavens sake. It is only an exercise aimed at helping you.

  5. So what was the question again, I’m having trouble getting past all the spelling mistakes. Anyhow my feet are fine, mind you I don’t do yoga, might try that mortle danger yoga though, sounds like fun.

  6. Thanks for the warning – I’ll be careful. Does playing Twister count as a kind of “poor man’s yoga”? And how about eating yogurt? Are little demonic cultures taking over my body and making me want to be Jamie Lee Curtis?

  7. Do you know that spell check might have helped you spell Soul and Mortal?
    It never fails to amuse me how the lack of intelligence seems to be directly proportionate to delusions of deities.

  8. well that all depends on what shoes you are wearing. if you are in a pair of Nike, your soles are pretty safe, but a pair of Gucci stilettos, different story.

  9. Yoga is about meditation, and exercising. If you are meditating on God, then there is no problem, but it is evil if you meditate about false god’s. Or sinful things.

  10. Hum! sole as in a shoe. Mortle….danger….My answer is this: Get your facts straight before you start bashing. Have a good day!

  11. As a Christian, I have done LOTS of research on Yoga and the meaning behind it. While it was created as a way of communication to Hindu gods, that doesn’t mean that it has to be. Why can’t we take something that is not “Christian” and make it Christian? If we just give up on it and do nothing then the world will be completely overcome with sin.


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