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Do you know that the Meditation can bring the peace to the world?

Meditation is the mind training, train the mind to stop from wandering, train the mind to still, keep the mind prolong the stillness. The mind will meet the real happiness from that stillness and enjoy – enjoy – that inside happiness. The reality will be realized that the true happiness is the peacefull mind and can have it from inside not from outside. No need to make trouble to get happiness from any one, any community, any country. The peacefull mind of every one will bring the peace to the world.
I would be much happy to invite all nation, all race, all religion to join meditation for making peace to the world.
Let me introduce the simple technique to meditate by visit the website: http://www.meditationthai.org which it activity is run by Dhamma Research for Environment Foundation. The strong ambition of this foundation is bringing peace to the world by meditation.


  1. Impossible as long as theres free will in this world theere will never be peace and why ist that we whant peace because of our fault our own fault we brought this uppon ourselves now we must pay back for all we have done specially for taking advantage of our freewill.

  2. Meditation is a fine method to calm ones self and even the pentagon has a meditation group that meditates for peace every day. However if you spend all your life contemplating your bellybutton who ever would get anything done? We need doers as well as thinkers. However yours is a valid thought and a bit of meditation never hurt anyone. Blessed Be, Namaste, and good luck

  3. I appreciate what you’re trying to do…I actually do applaud you…but you must remember something. There are “evil” people out there that do not want peace(and no, I’m not talking about America), they are warmongers that want world domination and to defeat freedom.
    So not to dash your dreams, I actually meditate myself, there are some that just won’t do it…for whatever reason. Have hope for the world and for peace…but just remember that not everyone wants peace, which is too bad.

  4. Meditation can bring peace to the mind, but not to the world simply because there are those who do not want peace and therefore will not meditate.

  5. I can agree if people learned to mediate when they where angry it would help things….
    Though I don’t think it would bring world peace……
    And i’m rather certiant a lot of people wouldn’t do it….

  6. Do you know that that’s a pipe-dream? There has never been “peace” on the earth and there will never be “peace” until HE returns. Meditation is good for lowering blood pressure – so it’s not entirely useless but to say that it can achieve “world peace” is just silly and demonstrates a lack of understanding of how things really are. You mean well, I believe – but you’re sadly mistaken my friend.

  7. hi i’m proud that there are still people like you who care for world peace i’ve been trying to meditate of late & i find a difference in my personality we start looking into the matter from all angles & thus become better human beings so indirectly it may lead to world peace IF PRACTICED SINCERELY BY ONE & ALL then definetely crime rate will be arrested .thank you for your suggestion but meditation needs a virtual GURU if u find one then you succeed .

  8. Thanks for the noble effort.In fact mind is the root cause of sorrow or happiness.Meditation can tame the mind.I wish your effort to convince people regarding this all the best.


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