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Do you know seven lyres of the soul…..what exact the soul is ….?

Molecules of creation are being transformed into “Atma”(soul) by it’s nature.
Atom is very small unit of it. A billionth part of an inch of a matter is called an atom. The total universe is a combine manifestation of big and small atoms and molecules. Every atoms or molecules has seven layers :-
Physical body (which is called a reason body or material element)
Etheric body (it is also called space element or intelligence body)
Thin body (Also called as desire body, film body, or shade body)
Mettle body (Also called life body, consciousness body)
Spiritual body (Also called spiritual element ( From the first layer to the fifth layer the data’s of life is stored))
Cosmic body (Also called a cosmic element or ‘conscious’ )
Nirvana body (Bodiless body) or Absolute space.
In an atom, this seven body remain in a dormant stage, but with the process of development of the atom, they also start developing. In an ordinary human being, only five of those are developed. With meditation and practice the rest ‘two’ layer get developed. The soul has seven layers in it. Even, the body and the skin have seven layers in each of them. By help of spiritual development, human being can experience these layers.
These seven layers are present in an atom in a manner of melted together and mingled together.
It looks one, but his (human being) total body contains these seven layers. Like the seven layers in an atom, the universe, the earth, the plant kingdom, the water, the fire, and the gases also have the same. There is no separate heaven or hell in this creation. Of course there are such planets in this universe where life is more of a paradise and more prosperous than so called heaven. There are also planets where life is worse than hell.
As I had mentioned before, with the first explosion of the ‘creation’ the god was also divided along with the division of its divine power. God or deities are not name of particular persons, but are the imaginary names of the capacity and the enormous expansion they carry. The invisible world has a parliamentary system where persons from the visible world are only the members. After getting power of divinity only, they become member of it and later they merge with the “Param Brahman” (Absolute space). Or greedy of re-incarnation, they take birth again in the material world.
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  1. I thank you for your info…. but I wish you would have put up more… But still, thank you =] It’s helpped some, and thats better then most websites.


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