Do you know of any groups that practice Mithraism?

by Carlos Sosa:

If you are neopagan (wiccan, probably), maybe you know a group or some friend of you knows of a group that practices mithraism today. Fort those who don’t know, it is the religion that worships the Persian sun-god Mithra. It was practiced mostly by militars and politicians in Ancient Rome. I want to join a group or to start a new one.
Yes, I know christians took a lot of things from mithraism. After reading a lot about it I view it as a purer freemasonry, not the shit that is practiced today.

The concept of spiritual evolution (not static, like in christianity) through several stages, the brotherhood, the worship of life (not death), the need for violence to protect the world, the mediation between good and evil and the principle of the eternal cycle seem very appealing to me.

A mithraic lodge would be really powerful and helpful. Its members and the whole humankind would be benefited.

If you want to talk about this, send me an email to gussosa@yahoo.com and I will tell you some of my ideas.

Answer by Jean
Catholics and Islam, go do some research, you will see its true


  • Mithraism was the worship of the sun. Just about all primitive people had a sun God. The God of the sun went by hundreds of different names. The reason for worshipping the sun is because people figured out that all of life depended on the heat of the sun, therefore it is all powerful. Of course, to them, everything was controlled by a God or Gods.
    Mithraism came to an end with modern science. A great deal is known about the sun- – – it is not a God. To revive the belief and worship of Mithras would be returning mentally to primitive times.

  • …why?…LOL…are people really that close minded that they have to look for a…never mind…you just keep on looking for that perfect religion…brother…Im happy with Christ…maybe one day you’ll see the light…

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