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Do you know how to see auras?

I’ve tried it before and it never works.


  1. I think it must be something like what they call a “spiritual gift”. I can’t see them either. It would probably give me a panic attack if I did…especially if it was bad.So I hope I never see one.(Unless of course it’s Jesus and He had a white light around Him !)

  2. Auras in nature are magnetic phenomena. People are capable of emitting them also. Seeing them in the visual sense is more so a result of the mind re-imaging the information sensed by smell and touch. Purchase a good volt meter and a magnetometer. If you play with these you will learn that you can read Auras and ounce you have detected them your mind will soon learn to produce an image. It is training the brain.
    Use your volt meter to read the different voltages each person you test have. People operate with a varied amount of electrical charges. Some of these voltage readings will vary with foods consumed some are natural in that certain people are able to receive energy from other sources such as the Sun. Have you ever felt refreshed with the sight of the rising sun. Energy is everywhere. We sense an Aura emitting from another because we are hungry for energy. This hunger is in the soul. The soul is energy without mass and it does exist and I can prove it by demonstration. This is real Physics and not wishful thinking.

  3. I’ve heard that you don’t have to be gifted. I’ve heard that anyone that knows how to meditate properly can do it, it just takes time. But then again, what do I know, I can’t do it.
    They have books on the subject and books that teach you how to do it.

  4. ive been told that anyone can train themselves to see auras, just takes time…there is a movie based on seeing auras, energy in all plants, and it sort of teaches you how to begin…you might want to see the movie, its called….The Celestine Prophecy, by james redfield…..it should put you on your way..

  5. “Seeing auras” is something that people imagine in their minds, as far as I can tell. There isn’t any scientific evidence for auras existing, and there is no known way to detect one even if they did. Claims that auras are electromagnetic in nature are really no more than opinion pulled out of the air, since how could you know?
    I would love to see some objective testing of this, but I haven’t found any yet. For example, if we got 10 different psychics to read the aura of a person, would they give the same answer?

  6. Auras are there to be seen, but, due to the way that our brain processes visual information, we filter them out. You would have to “untrain” your brain in its filtering method and start seeing what is really there.
    Artists often have to work this way when painting. When most people see a red ball casting a shadow, they will see a single colored ball. Their eyes are picking up an image with many colors and many gradiations of shading, but their mind “translates” that into a red ball and a shadow. To faithfully reproduce this image, an artist needs to realistically reproduce the colors that are being seen by the eyes, not those that are being understood by the brain. They must “untrain” their mind in order to see what is actually there.
    It is the same with auras. If you are able to begin to see the world as it truly exists without the filters that have been added in order to make the world “easier to understand”, you will begin to notice auras.
    Now, some people try to interpret auras based on color, density, and size. This is not a clearly defined science, though there are some methods that have been proposed by researchers in the field. But first, you have to see an aura before you can learn to interpret them.
    Start slow by noticing when your mind is interpreting images, and try to see the images as they are being seen by your eye. It takes time to develop this skill and break the old patterns, but, as you find success, you will find that there is much more to see in the world than you may have ever seen before. Good luck!

  7. I can see aura but I so far haven’t been able to see the color of the aura. It gives me a headache to try. My oldest son can though.

  8. Some say you have to be born with a ‘gift.’ some call it a curse. some call it a joke. but it’s more. you can train yourself to see auras. but it’s not gonna be as strong as if you were born with the ability. I recommend picking up the book The Human Aura by Kuthumi and Djwal Kul. It has been really help in enhancing abilities. Good luck?

  9. I haven’t seen anyone’s aura ~ but someone once told me she saw a bright blue light above my head, and explained that she often saw auras.
    If you hold your hands closely together without actually touching them, you can feel a layer of warmth around your body that you would ordinarily not be aware of, and if you gradually move your hands back and forth you can feel a slight sensation of air pressure between your palms ~ and you move the palm of your hand around your face without touching, you can feel a pleasant sensation of warmth. I know this is basic science, but my point is that we take a lot of things for granted that although they exist, we have to pay special attention to actually make ourselves aware of what’s happening around us… which proves nothing, I know… 🙂

  10. I will agree with TR I would like to see if a psychics reading only the aura of a person would get the same information. Interesting little test. No doubt next seasons new reality show. “Whose Aura is it Anyway”?
    Just teasing there, as you all know I am an avid believer. I have never seen an aura on my life and wish that I could. I know that there are many people that I have known that could. Either you got it or you don’t. Can’t have it all I guess.

  11. It’s a skill you can learn. I never knew how until I did a training course and learnt. It is a matter of practicing the way you focus your eyes. Have you ever played around with autostereograms, where you look at a page of patterns and see 3d images in them. That is an example of how to change focus and learn how to see auras.

  12. I haven’t had any great success at seeing auras in others for myself.
    But at a psychic fair where a man was taking aura photographs, it was fascinating to see how different people had totally different auras – different colours, shapes and intensity. Many people had patches of several colours. Mine was mainly violet witih some green and red.

  13. look for nothing and you will see everything…like those “magic pictures” you unfocus on to see the 3d image that is imbedded
    Great answer Tunsa !

  14. Yes. There are basically two techniques:
    1. Astral perception. It is much like seeing spirits, but then focus on a lower type of energy and you will be able to sense a ball or egg around living beings.
    2. Talking to your subconscious. Your subconscious tends to see more, but you tend to block it out. Stop doing this. You will associate locations around a person with colours.
    It is MUCH easier to feel aura’s than to see, hear or smell them though. I suggest opening the seven chakra’s in your hand, cleaning your meridians and balancing your chi and then try to feel the aura’s of people, it is by far the easiest way. Typical radii of aura’s in desserts 12 to 20 meters, in nature 7 to 9, in cities 1,5 to 3 meters.
    Sorry to disappoint: the psychic fair photo’s are NOT photo’s of aura’s. They measure skin conditivity along meridians to gauge what state someone is in. This data they have a computer associate with a colour and location scheme. They might as well hand you a graph with conductivity readings.

  15. Yes,
    You needn’t be “gifted”, because God dont give privileges, but you will need be patient. Some peoples are more evolutioned than others, but this is the result of work of each one. Many peoples called “Saints” in Christianism, some years before was not so “Saints” so, you can look for. But Everybody can Be. Its just to work.
    Turning back to Aura:
    Put one mirror in front a chair, such you see yourself reflected in it. The mirror must to be at your bedroom for example, sitdown you in a conffortable position in the chair, with few light. Few light means, you cant determine the colors, but you can see a few, ok?. Close the door to avoid noise and entrance other peoples during experience.
    To “see” Aura is more relationed with relaxionment than your physical eyes.
    So, relax the maximun!
    Close your eyes at begining, because when you close your eyes, grow the proportion of Alfa waves in your brain. And Alfa waves is what you have, when you dream. Children have more alfa waves, than older peoples.
    Breath deepenly some times, so slow how much you can.
    When you feel is relaxioned, open your eyes slowlly and look to corner of mirror or one point near to image of your reflected head, keep focused in this point and keep yourself on relax. Perceive around your head without to turn focus. This is the “to see without to see” from martials arts. Your eyes are focused in one point , but you too perceive what happens around this point.
    At a first moment the Aura can appear to you like a gap of 1 or 2 inchs, more iluminated than your body and covering all it.
    This is the first gap of Aura, the health’s Aura. Your color is blue like cigarrete’s fog (when looking in a place with normal light). At esoterics books, the name is eteric double.
    Usually, atletics peoples have it bigger, because are vigorous physically and ill peoples the inverse.
    With a few practice, and this change from people to people, you will see the aura with natural ilumination…trees, peoples, animals, things …
    With a few more practice, may be see the other gaps, with colors.


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