do you know how the magical crystal ball works on

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The one that guess the symbol for the number you choose? How does it work?
not what are the directions.. but what’s the trick….

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;] asdfghjkl

simple. so no matter which number you choose you always end up with that same symbol they guess. try it with several numbers and you’ll see that with any number you end up with the same symbol after doing the calculations.

Ryan Tyhurst


CherriB00 =]

you choose a 2 digit number that you want.
whn you have the number you add the 2 digitz of the number together
and you subtract the number from your 2 digit number.
i picked 53
*then look for the number 45 on the chart and remeber the symbol that goes with it…then click the magical ball…and it should come up with a symbol that matcches yours. =]


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