HomeDiscussion Forumdo you know how i can learn tai chi at home???

do you know how i can learn tai chi at home???

i do not know tai chi but i want to learn at home.


  1. You can learn the moves and develop some basic understanding of the energy flow. You get a lot of benefit from that.
    However, it is unlikely you can develop complete understanding without a very expert instructor correcting fine points in your postures and pushing/pulling on you to so you really understand internal vs external energy.
    The link to Sifu Wing Lam’s DVD site includes both Yang and Sun style Tai Chi videos. I learned Sun style Tai Chi from him and the videos were very helpful to me. His teacher was Sun Jian Yun who was one of the great Tai Chi masters in China. She died somewhat recently. The second link describes Sun Style.

  2. i’m a long time taijiquan practicioner and of course i can tell you that nothing beats going to a class learning from a real sifu, but i do know that sometimes taijiquan classes aren’t readily available in a lot of places… there are some great reference tapes and books that you can get to start you on your way: http://www.superfoots.com/taichi.html
    Tai Chi is an elegant moving meditation whose slow flowing movements are performed with an emphasis on correct body mechanics and generation of Qi (bio energy). In clinical studies, Tai Chi has been found to improve balance and flexibility, reduce harmful stress hormones and manage blood pressure. Tai Chi is also one of the most formidable Chinese martial arts, particularly appealing to women and older students, as it employs softness and yielding to defeat an attacker with his own strength and exertion.
    Beginning Student Taiji Curriculum
    1) Universal Post “Peng”
    2) I-Chuan Qigong
    3) Taiji-Qigong
    4) Taiji-Walking
    5) Taiji Walking in Peng
    6) Ma Bu
    7) Form Postures
    8) Yang’s 108 Posture Long Form
    9) Review Long Form & Beginning Push Hands Exercises
    Yang style Tai Chi Chuan is the most practiced style of tai chi in the world, it’s a great for with many variations. Getting a video is a great way to get your feet wet and learn a little, if you have any questions let me know.. i’m happy to help!
    good luck!!!


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