Do you know how I can get a succubus to come for a visit?

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I think it would be awesome to have a succubus come and visit me.
How do you get the word out to the succubi that you want them to come and visit you?
Do you do some kind of ritual?
Do you have a seance?
Do you use a Ouija board?
Do you have a medium or clairvoyant help you contact one?
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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mango salsa

oh i googled it and ur gross u want to have sex with a demon get checked out!

Cyclone X

I can be there at midnight.


You have to invite them in…if you don’t impregnate her she’ll devour you!

Veritable Nadir of Decadence

Just stop wannking off for a few days and you’ll start getting some heavy action in your dreams.

Leona T

I hang out at the local goth shows in town, and it works….always a willing few on the weekends.


I think you should just pay a hooker, babe.


wow, you must be desperate

Drake Deth

You don’t want that kind of visit. take my word for it. its not a pleasurable thing and they are almost impossible to get rid of.


I have attacked by a succubus before.
It is NOT as fun and cool as think it might be.
It was scary as he–
I hope it never happens again.


Trust me, a succubus is not some great, sexy entity that comes to you at night in order to just give you pleasure & make friends with you. It’s not as if they will be flattered at being invited, and their sole purpose is not to simply give/get pleasure and move on. Asking for one is big trouble. They will bring you great pain & fright; plus try to destroy you.
!**~~YOUR NEXT QUESTION TO US WILL BE– “Help! How do I get rid of a succubus”? *DETAILS*– “I thought it would be cool at first; but now I can’t even sleep…..its trying to destroy me”!~~**!


Don’t go for any, aim for one of the big four, Lilith, Namah, Agrat Bat Mahlat, Eisheth Zenunim, they will help you out if you want a spirit hookup


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