do you know anything about witch doctors in africa or shaman of africa?

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hi my computer is currently broken and cant use it to do some research so im using the library computer and it cost about £1 for half an hour so its too expensive and my mum said i can only go on it another day and it will be my last time using the computer before the old one is fixed so i need to do some research on witch doctors and shaman in africa but cant do any research it will take too long so could you guys please help me..if you know anything about witch doctors and shaman in africa please help.. thanksxx

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What part of Africa? Which culture group? Africa is a huge continent with 40 countries and over 1,000 cultures.


you’re already in a library, yes? look around you, do you see books? try checking out some of those… I hear its what people did before the internet.. o_O
Africa is not a small, culturally uniform place, there is no ONE story of Shamanism so you’ll need to search for something more specific
good luck

Roald Ellsworth

There’s an old book by E.E. Evans-Pritchard called “Witchcraft, Oracles, and Magic among the Azande.” I read it for an Anthropology Witchcraft class in college. Evans-Pritchard takes a very objective, formal approach and can feel outdated, but it might be worth reading to compare it to other sources.


Well y shud we help u anyway internet is suppose 2 help us but its not!!!


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