Do you know anything about the spiritual shift in 2012?

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ye i spent five years in university studying it.. wow its good..

A Reflection of You

Pole Shift 2012….Get Ready!!!

God's faithful



Is that the spirtural swing shift? “Accept jesus and live”
God loves you…..God bless


It is the revealing of the antichrist. The tribulation is the last seven years of the world before the Second Coming of Yeshua Ha’Mashiach when He will reign over His Millennial Kingdom here on earth. It will start soon when evil satanic leaders around their world declare martial law and tell their minions to start with the blasphemous “New World Order” where not only every government will be toppled but the start of a one world government that is to be controlled by one all powerful dictator (the Beast or Antichrist) will be formed. An evil, scientifically focused hegemonic dictatorship that is based on cold logic, fear, efficiency of purpose, and obedience; it will be void of any love, compassion, mercy, and hope. Our loving God will not stand for this and will have His Son open up the Seven Seals that will unleash the seven trumpets and bowl judgments and shake the foundations of both earth and Heaven: famine, plagues, storms, earth quakes, meteors, wars, and many strange and horrible signs. The entire world is more wicked than ever before with America(New Babylon) leading the way with its immorality, abortions, adulterousness, paganism, atheism, and denial of God that it even neatly packages and sends to the rest of the world via TV and movies. They think they know it all. There is no tribulation only the effects of “global warming”. There is no need for God, but when the antichrist soon comes they will pray for His mercy and grace as there will be great gnashing of teeth like never before or ever will be again. There will be more fake terrorist plots that will so upset the people (pray they don’t try to hurt our children) that many shall willingly be drafted, chipped, and do the antichrist’s bidding all through WWIII. Iran and Al Qaeda will be blamed plus a new supposed enemy will appear on the scene- The Home Grown Terrorist. These will be people of faith or that are unbrainwashable that have or will try to inform the public of all their deception- their number one enemy. Lies will abound. Deception everywhere. Trust no one but God and His Word. Angels will teach the truth along with the two witnesses. At the midway point, ( 2012) the antichrist will be revealed at the abomination that causes desolation and that will start the Great Tribulation- the much worse final 3 and a half years before the return of our Lord. Come to God now. Get saved. Repent. Change your hearts and minds. Help the poor, needy, sick, elderly, etc. Stop all wickedness. Love one another. Save many other souls. Overcome this world, sin, and fear (especially fear of death) for Heaven is real! Yeshua is real! He is alive! He can give you eternal life. If you die, He will even resurrect you!
Don’t do the antichrist’s bidding! He is real also and dwelling amongst us now. Remember I told you all this beforehand so that you will remember and not be fooled. Especially do NOT take the mark of the Beast:
(Take time to watch these most imporant videos)
May the Lord bless and keep you all. I will pray for all of you.
Stay strong in the faith and put on your ‘Armor of God’ (Ephesians 6:10-18)!


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