Home Discussion Forum Do you know anything about black magic(k) or the dark arts?

Do you know anything about black magic(k) or the dark arts?

A friend of mine keeps telling me about these books that are new and supposedly completely off the hook. He says the evocation rituals are much easier, and the results are much more realistic. For example, instead of sensing a spirit, you actually see something and hear a voice. Do you know anything about these or other similar rituals? I am interested in humoring him with some of my time, energy, and resources. But I do not want to get in over my head. I have a brief understanding of the greater and lesser keys of solomon, but that’s about as much as I know as far as demonology goes.
I am only asking for comments from people who have experience with black magic(k) and/or the dark arts. There’s no need for people who are easily spooked to try to scare me away.
Alorer, my friend did not call it black magic. He used a few words I was unfamiliar with and also spoke of evocation magic. I’m aware that there’s no black, white, etc. magic, but for the sake of those who wish to argue colors, I kept it simple and said black magic.


  1. I am pretty convinced your friend is lying to you, probably to sound cool. Black magic is a misnomer. Magic is a neutral force, with no colours (or you can say it’s colourful). It is your intent that “paints” it. The “dark arts” are also quite misunderstood even among occultists and other such practitioners. Necromancy for example: it is considered a dark art. Well, it can be dangerous but it is in no way evil.
    EDIT: Well, if I were you, I wouldn’t use that phrase. It’s pretty faulty as it is and creates misunderstandings. Now, evocation is possible of course and you can always alter/modify rituals and methods to fit you. Though admittedly that might be prove dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing exactly. Oh also demonology has nothing to do with these. Demonology is merely the study of the various demons, the texts mentioning them etc. Finally: if you gave us a few more details of what it was exactly your friend spoke of? ‘Cause what you mention is too general to pinpoint it as a specific method/way.

  2. What books would you be speaking of?
    I have yet to perform anything out of the Lemegeton, but from my understanding the only one hearing the voice should be the Seer; seeing as how it’s not an audible noise.
    Sometime try an LBRP. I guarantee you once you’ve gotten good enough you’ll understand how your brain can make you hear voices if it wants to.


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