Home Discussion Forum Do you know any white people who aren't attracted to white people?

Do you know any white people who aren't attracted to white people?

I met a white man today who said he was only attracted to dark Asians, like Philippino/Hawaiian/Indian and Black women. He said white women didn’t appeal to him at all, especially not blondes. At first I didn’t believe him, but he went on saying that ethnic women have “IT”, and white women lack this particular aura, or vibe. He said he preferred AA women because they have butt, and most Asian women don’t, but he has a very hard time finding Black women that will date him. You know anyone like this?


  1. thats weird cuz iam blk and its hard 4 me 2 find a white boy… i never had one and i wanna know whats it like cuz most blk men seem 2 b cheaters

  2. Yeah, there are more whites dating IR than any other group so I guess theres lots of them.
    My sister’s friend only like Latino and black men. She’s very very white, pale skin and blonde hair. She’s now married to a Latino man and has 2 kids!
    My 2 neighbors growing up only date Asian women now. They’re only 19 & 20 y/o though. I’ve met lots of white guys who love Asian women.
    Then my brother’s friend Bret only likes black women. He says he’s always been that way, and now he’s married to a skinny little black girl and they have a baby boy. I love their son! He’s so cute and has way too much energy! He said he had trouble finding bw to date before too though.

  3. it almost sounds like me. i am a white guy and i don’t find white women attractive. sure some are good looking, even hot. i’m just not attracted to them. i prefer black women. i find them to be more attractive. but the thing is, i have no problem finding black women to date.

  4. I know a few white guys only dates black girls and other dark colored ladies don’t ask me why I do not know preference I guess.It’s plenty of women in all cultures got butt exept chinese and I have some pretty white friends its beauty in all races .


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