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Do you know about any of your past lives?

STOP! CLICK OUT NOW If you are about to say “it’s not real” and all of that, just don’t bother I am a strong believer in reincarnation. Please repect my wishes, if you don’t you will be blocked and reported for not doing what I have asked.
If you have seen a psychic or one of those people (i think they are psychiatrists or something) that specialize in past life regression through hypno therapy… what was it like?
How does that make me insecure?
It’s okay your opinion is obviously the only one that counts (sarcasm intended)
haha and you say i’m wasting my life, your a “top contributor” on yahoo answers obviously on it like everyday why don’t you get off the computer for once and make some friends, I bet your a 40 year old still living in your parents basement


  1. Wow, you’re pretty insecure, huh? Well, good luck with your fantasy life. We only get one, you know. Just one. Too bad you’ve chosen to waste yours on nonsense.

  2. I have done past life regression myself. I meditate and thats how i find my answers. In my past life I was An egyptian. Pharaoh’s either daughter or wife (dont know which). I also knew my name was Isra. It was strange because i had never heard that name in my life then i went online after the meditation and found that it was a real name! But anyway, Yah i was pharaohs relative blah blah blah and I went around helping the village people.
    I am also a very strong believer in past lives even though I’m Christian. It interests me. I am also an Empath and I think i am somewhat of a Medium because I see some pretty strange stuff.

  3. In my past life I was a short bald man named Agogo in the Saharan Jungle living with King Tut, Elvis and Bubbles the Monkey.
    My brother was Tupac Shakur, he was born on the day that fella died.

  4. Yes, stevie, I know about many of my past lives. They have come to me through visions and I have also regressed via self-hypnosis. There is no reason for me to go into details here.

  5. I’ve seen one of mine where I was a little boy with blonde hair in front of a white farmhouse. The surrounding area was a big open field. It wasn’t a very long view at all.
    What I do is basically focus on wanting to view a past life, relax, and meditate. I find it best to learn yourself instead of having others like psychics tell you because we all contain these abilities ourselves, just everyone is different and it takes time and understanding to achieve it. I’ve also helped walk someone through their past lives using a simple relax hypnosis technique that anyone can learn. People just have the wrong concept of what hypnosis is. Hypnosis is just getting someone to relax slowly and using suggestive phrases that help that person naturally become more relaxed as the suggestion is absorbed. Kind of like if you imagine an ocean, it can become relaxing to you. Typically the person is conscious, just relaxed so that they can move their focus elsewhere. What happens is as you relax, your mind becomes clearer and the phrase guidance helps slow your brainwave frequency. Beta is the brainwave most people are in, its the awake, alert brainwave. When you become relaxed and in a peaceful state you have moved from beta to alpha. As you continue to relax and receive phrase guidance, you gradually slow your brainwaves into a deeper relaxation to the theta brainwaves. This state is where we can be guided into our past lives, dream recall, internal conflict etc. We can use guidance tapes, people we know, or ourselves when we do hypnosis. Its just a matter of learning how to do it, which is not hard as most would assume.
    Our society views these occurences as impossible or delusional because that’s what has been taught. People think their overly rational way of thinking makes them smart, when the fact is those ideas of what’s rational and isn’t rational was learned and it keeps them in narrow judgement and limited growth. The fact is what we consider ‘psychic’ abilities is actually something that is natural and normal to humans. These abilities are part of all of us and we find them fascinating because we are taught in a way that causes us to ignore our abilities until we find it ourselves by seeking. Though there are those that are born with these abilities strongly developed and ignoring them is not possible, and there is a purpose for that in their life. Fear keeps most people away from these abilities, as we fear what we don’t understand, and we fear because we are taught fear. I know all of this out of my experience. I have been raised Christian, rejected it, became atheist, and after years of studying and seeking, found spiritual understanding and am now spiritual. I have been around all of these corners and I know what being overly rational gets you, because I have been there. I also understand the rational side though because I have never been able to believe that someone that supposedly created and loved us would use something like hell to make us fear making mistakes (because afterall that is how we learn) and I’ve never been able to believe that I am sinful and bad for being who I am and who I want to be or just existing in general. Using fear as control causes rejection and the sad thing is it robs those of their spiritual development because of the negatives they come to relate with anything religious or spiritual. I know this part didn’t exactly relate to the question, but maybe a clearer understanding of this could possibly help someone, who knows?


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