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Do you know a site that I can order a free catalog containing Feng Shui from?

I love feng shui. I may be only 14, but I know alot about it and I say that it really matches everything about me. So, please help me. Do you know a link or some website that isn’t fraudulent or fake, but has reliable service.
(Example) The only site that I have is Acacia. It’s my favorite in the world… so far!


  1. basically i do not have a favorite website or a book. i just took some courses some fengshui masters/ practitioners – thus, i know some methods of fengshui. i do not really think that statues would do you a lot of good. i do still think that fengshui is about the center of the house, and how it responds to its surroundings, esp where your main front door (of the whole house, not your bedroom) faces, bec it is where most yang comes from.
    i do recommend that you select a good fengshui master or practitioner who you can learn from. bec for me it is the only way to learn chinese fengshui.


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