Home Discussion Forum Do you know a prayer to block negative energy?

Do you know a prayer to block negative energy?

I am spiritually very sensitive and find myself being susceptible to negative energies and spirits. Does anyone know a prayer I could say before I leave my home to block these negative energies? Sometimes I’ll feel angry, distraught, or anxious for no reason at all, and I’m thinking it’s because I’m picking up on the vibrations of those around me. Thanks for your help!
Sky Blue: Ok, nice advice, but how do you suggest I accomplish that?


  1. You should pray to the LORD to strengthen your heart so that it may overcome the mind when the mind is influenced by exterior negative forces.

  2. I can have that problem. The very name Jesus Christ seems to help. When my mind is focused on praising God and His glory, it can’t share space with evil.

  3. Actually blocking is only a temporary solution. The longer-term solution is raising your own energy level so it transforms any external negative energy into positive energy. Negative energy can only cling to negative energy. Positive energy repels it. Other people’s negative energy can seep into you because you are not “immune” to it.
    So do whatever you have to do to raise your own energy field as much as possible-and keep it there. That actually will attract positive energy, in addition to repel negative energy.

  4. Do a search for the LBRP. This is a short ritualistic prayer that invokes the names of God (in Hebrew) to clear an area of negative energies. While most people do it as a formal ritual, it can be done mentally/internally at any time.

  5. Never let this go. Light is always light, therefore you can not be influenced from any seeming “energy or spirit.” This understanding disarms anything unlike good.

  6. I do not know an effective prqyer for what you are asking.
    I am also not so sure if what you claim for yourself as “Spiritually Sensitive” is true.
    If you always find yourself susceptible to negative vibrations, then there is fear in you that you have to develop into faith. Those “Spritually Sensitive” people are normally filled with laughters and peace in their heart. Instead of being susceptible, they are the ones who affects others who are with negative mood. Smile and you are normally smiled back by the recepient. Have confidence in yourself that you are sorrounded with love and you will see tha same thing around you.
    A person who has positive vibration is always positive in his actions. Instead of the negative affecting them, it is the other way around. But once you show your fear and weakness then you are just inviting them.


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