Home Discussion Forum Do you ignore your spiritual senses and sensibilities in favor of ego?

Do you ignore your spiritual senses and sensibilities in favor of ego?


  1. i think we all do at times
    recognizing our areas of issues
    would the first step in over coming it of course
    thing is our ego can be very blinding
    ive ignored the same senses over and over and over again
    ((in some cases))
    just to favor my ego
    if you pay attention to your own spirit
    you can see/feel the energy your ego is feeding on
    in those moments

  2. sometimes, of course
    but, not always, and to me,thts a huge personal achievment as soem people never get away from their ego at all

  3. I feel like I let myself get in the way to many times. But you know the proverb a righteous man falleth 7 times but gets back up everytime , thank-you atonement!

  4. I don’t understand the question, but since I don’t have any “spiritual senses and sensibilities”, I don’t suppose I can ignore their nonexistence, and so my answer is: No, I do not ignore my spiritual senses and sensibilities in favor of ego.

  5. Matthew 3:5 says that people that worry about their spirituality are happy people. We should try to worry about that first and put our ego later. But as people it’s hard because of our imperfection.

  6. Since your ego is your sense of yourself and if you consider yourself as having a spiritual side, why would you have to? Do you think everything in your head has it’s own space and can’t be trusted to play with anything else?

  7. I used to do that
    and then suddenly Lord Shiva trapped me using my own ego
    and now i cant escape him, im fighting him
    but Lord Shiva is winning
    I give up really ! im tireddddddddd

  8. Ego will destroy us if we do as ego always lives on falsehood by separating and dividing reality to carve an unnecessary identity (other than the unique identity given to us by nature) and arrogate itself creator ship and doer ship in futility.

  9. No as I become more Spiritually aware I see even the people around me that are so EGO driven and it saddens me that they are so selfish and like this :(( I had incident yesterday with a family member that is like this and their health is not good because they are so EGO driven it is their world and they can not get out of their heads they are addicts to themselves in a way and it makes me cry that I am even related to them!!!People that I have loved have always had big egos but I learning and seeing the way each day that they destroy themselves in the end :(((

  10. Your ego can be your best friend or worst enemy…. it can work for you in the world but against you in your spiritual life and so many times we really ignore our spiritual senses and sensibilities.When the ego realizes its own powerlessness, destroying you and everything and everyone around you… only then is the ego ready to surrender and ask for and receive help from the Higher Power .

  11. Hi ya Celtic Peace!
    Yes ..but it is more material weaknesses than it is ego for me. And it will be the Death of me in the The Great War of Armageddon , if I continue.
    Peace and prosperity to you Celtic Peace.

  12. Another excellent question….I also ignore it in favour of life – I mean to say the hectic problems of everyday survival sometimes make me less than, um, enlightened for short periods.

  13. Exactly.
    All of us do.
    The truth is at the moment we exist in a dream like state, where we think all of our reality exist in this physical world. This is not our fault, that is how we are born.
    We live in a black box, and the box that keeps us closed in is our Ego.
    As soon as we managed to create an opening, and elevate ourselves over our Ego we start sensing the much larger spiritual reality around us.
    We can create this opening only through connecting to others with the help of unconditional giving, and love.
    By creating a single, united humanity we can break through the chains of our Egos and become free.
    And then we have full sensation of the spiritual world, and its source.
    This is what we are here for.
    I hope it helps, all the best.


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