Home Discussion Forum do you hug trees when no one is looking?

do you hug trees when no one is looking?

i do! :]]
Dus..why yes i kiss them too. i even lick them! i love trees! not cares if you all think i am wierd hehehe!


  1. No but i stare at them with such admiration for what they do to help our earth.. and i just look at the beauty of them..

  2. Awesome! LOL, I shoulda done this, maybe. Instead I hugged trees when I wanted to. There was this lovely weeping willow I used to pass every day..and I’d hug it. To this day I have a reputation in this town as the weird girl who hugged trees! ( I live in an upscale suburban ghetto) Oh well, what’re ya gonna do?

  3. Do I care one bit if anyone is looking?.. No..
    I have been known to “hug” trees.. that’s not exactly what I’m doing, just the most convenient way of doing it.. (I normally lean with my forehead touching the tree or sit with my back to it)

  4. Absolutely!
    Me and a friend went on a tree-visit this past weekend, driving through the redwood forests here in northern California. When we came back, we stopped and visited the tree-sitters at Berkely who are trying to prevent the cutting down of a beautiful old oak grove by living in the trees.

  5. 😀 Good for you Darkling!
    Unfortunately for me I live in a Condo in a big city. There aren’t many trees around, and the ones that are there have already been marked by the dogs. So I can’t really hug them sniff them or lick them!
    But next time you do, please give the tree an extra hard squeeze for me!

  6. I did for the first time about 3 weeks ago in the city park in Budapest, Hungary.
    My husband said the tree was very old,at least a couple of hundred years old. I felt sorry for it having to live thru the world wars and the Hungarian revolution. It was so peaceful that I wanted some of it’s peace to go into me. Some people walked by when I was hugging the Maple tree but I didn’t care, it made me feel good.


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