Do you honestly exist, or are you all merely illusions within my own consciousness?

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Why is an illusionary thought trying to communicate with another?

Hall of Skulls 9

I’m real. I wouldn’t waste time imagining about me.

Jedi Jan

Yes, you are the one that is a figment of my imagination.

We Wish to Buy Your Shoes

Are the walls holding up your home really walls, or are they really bricks of Jell-O that look, feel, and smell like walls when you’re looking at, touching, and smelling them?

Bronz Kratliss

More like delusions of consciousness. Which is an illusion in and of itself.
The world we see in an outward projection of an inward condition.


Consciousness of this activity exists now. Nothing more can be said for certain on this particular process at this time.


I just need to let you know that I am the only solipsist! There can’t be two solipsists and both are right…

spikey d

i o know what u mean


Existentialism 101. Your philosophy teacher will be happy to learn you read that chapter.


yes we are all unique..

Purple Monkey Dishwasher

i am in the matrix!!!!!!!

Octagonal Box

You are all lumpy mashed potatoes currently not digesting properly in my stomache. Some tonic should cure this.


Wouldn’t you know the answer then?

King Julien

To be consciousness does not directly mean existence. Nor does existence mean consciouses. The Buddha taught “you” are not an integral, autonomous entity. The individual self is more correctly a by-product.


“I think, therefore I am”


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