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Do you honestly believe Western religion will last?

Whether or not you wish this to be the case, religion in some way, shape or form will always exist. However it is also clear that forms of religious thought have proven detrimental to us, especially the monolithic entities of Islam and Christianity. These religions share many common features, but most importantly of all: they both romanticize conquest and bloodshed and are both highly resistant to change.
Together these two have started innumerable wars, claimed innumerable lives and always used their silly ancient doctrine to oppress new ideas (gay marriage is so evil rite?). Perhaps worst of all they’ve given most people the impression that to be spiritual is to belong to one of these meglomaniacal institutions.
However, eastern religion is quite opposite. Beliefs like those of Buddhism and Taoism almost never incite violence and are based less on dogma and more on karma. Theirs is the pursuit of life, not afterlife, and have proven willing to embrace change, localization and fluidity. There’s no bearded king on a throne with angel soldiers fighting an eternal battle with the armies of evil, there’s just you and your personal quest for self-realization.
Most Western religions have already gone extinct (Greek, Roman, Norse…), so what is it about Christianity and Islam that you think will maintain their longevity? Or instead, should the new face of religion be one of peace and enlightenment, on Earth and not in ‘heaven’?


  1. What is a Western religion really? You include Christianity and Islam. Christianity and Islam both come from the Middle East. Buddhism comes from what is now Nepal, near India.
    Buddhist core teachings are the same as those of Christianity and Islam. There is no reason to say that they are of a different origin. They all come from one and the same God. The fact that Buddhism uses different language to describe God or the afterlife does not mean that Buddha denied their existence.

  2. yeah, but Christianity is from the Middle east also….
    religions will fail….
    but the words of God will stand forever…
    anyway i am a Christian! and i ma thankful for that!

  3. All religions have evolved and will continue to do so. Those that resist change have and will continue to die out as their generational supporters become extinct.
    Christianity of today is not the same as it was in the 1980’s and the fundie of the 80’s were not the same as those of the late 50’s and 60’s.
    Post WWII Christianity is markedly different from per WWII and so on throughout all of history….

  4. as much as i want it to go away!!! i doubt christianity will ever go away. there is just to many,kind of like the cock roach

  5. Interestingly, my faith believes and have found meaning in the Bible that religions are going to come to severe opposition from world powers. It is not clearly defined the exact details how this is going to happen but it definitely indicates changes in place that will be detrimental to religion.
    My faith also believes that we are the true faith. We do not do interfaith and are exclusive to God as his people. It is when they turn against us that God steps in and Armageddon starts.
    So hang around and you might get to see if I’m right.

  6. It will last as long as the Earth is here.F.Y.I. Greek Orthodox is almost exactly Catholic,the Roman Catholic church is one of the largest on earth,and Norse Gods are worshiped today in Paganism.


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