Sunday, September 26, 2021

Do you have to put tarot cards back in order when you are finished with them?

What I mean is, say I was to finish my reading, would I have to put them back in order?


  1. That all depends on you. If you want organize them the way you think they should be then do it. It’s your life. They take care of the cards when they are not intrusted to you,b ut when they are yours you deside.

  2. I’ve wondered that too. I like to keep mine in order with major arcana first then minor because it keeps them where I know they are for studying purposes.

  3. If you are only using them for readings, no that would be pointless as you are just going to shuffle them again before the next reading and you want to keep them as mixed as possible.
    If you are using them as a study deck, yes as it is easier to find specific cards that way.
    I keep reading decks shuffled and study decks in order.

  4. You don’t have to. I think alot of people don’t but because I use reverse cards in my readings I like to “clear” the cards after every reading. So, I don’t put them in order but I do face them all correctly before I shuffle them, or put them away.


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