Do you have to join a coven to be a witch/wiccan?





I am a beginner wiccan and i was told that if i want to be a real witch then i have to join a coven. I do white magick (good). and if so then could you please tell me some witch covens in australia.


  1. No.
    That’s one of those things that people who want to exclude you from learning, say. You do NOT have to be in a coven to be a Witch, nor does it take a Witch to make a Witch.
    Think. The ancient Witches didn’t have advertisements of the formation of covens or advertise that they were Witches in their local villages, for fear of being killed for their practices, so many had to work alone. If they DID have groups, they were lucky to have found each other.
    It is perfectly acceptable to be a Solitary Witch.

  2. Witches and Wiccans are two totally different things, it’s just that many Wiccans also practice witchcraft. 🙂
    Witchcraft is a practice that can be done by someone of any religion or even atheists. Wicca is a religion who members may or may not practice witchcraft. So you don’t have to join anything to practice witchcraft. And you can also be a Wiccan without a coven.
    Keep in mind though, that if you don’t follow an initiatory tradition, you may not gain all the knowledge that Wicca has to offer. It started out as an initiatory religion, and many say that without being in a coven you’re only getting “outer court” information from books and such, whereas there’s a lot more to the religion that is oathbound for members only and is not public knowledge.

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  3. You don’t have to join a coven. You may practice solitary(alone). To join a coven can be hard work, because most covens these days are very weary of who they trust and they are very closly knit together, meaning they are pretty much family. Covens aren’t a nessicary part of wicca, so don’t fret.

    • do you know of a coven i soth africa i am a whitch so is my mother but we moved from enland and our coven and think its time to join a new onbe

  4. I think you need to study more before making any decisions.
    First off, there is a difference between Wicca and Witch:
    – Wicca is first and foremost a religion. Wiccans may practice Witchcraft, too, but that is secondary to the religion.
    – Witchcraft is a practice. You don’t need to be Wiccan to practice it. You can practice it in combination of any religion, or no religion.
    As for covens, you don’t need to join one to be a Wiccan or a Witch.
    You would only need to join one if you want to be lineaged or learn a certain established tradition.
    Some “purists” can be kinda snobby and tell people they must be in a coven to count. But it’s quite obvious that Wicca has grown into something more than covens. And to Witchcraft– well, covens are a fairly new invention. Not necessarily, IMO.
    Magic is also not divided between good and evil, black and white. Magic is energy. It is neutral and the same principles apply to it no matter what your intentions.
    You can find local groups, shops, covens, etc. at

    • Wicca is a celtic word for witch. Basically all Wicca is about is the old practices of witchcraft including the rituals and spells performed by covens.
      Everything else you said about the covens and the morals I totally agree with. I just wish people would get it right about Wicca being witchcraft.

  5. No this is wrong. It’s a lot harder to be a witch outside of a coven, but that doesn’t make you NOT a real Witch.
    If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at
    Spells can work for anyone. Magic is a system, not a religion. It’s also not good or bad. It’s how you choose to use it.
    I know magic works because I’ve been doing it for years. Wicca is just one of many faiths that embrace Magic. But Wiccans and Witches aren’t
    the only ones who use magic.
    You can be both a Wiccan and a witch, these two words are not the same. None of these words has anything to do with devil worship.
    One of the biggest sore points among Wiccans is the improper usage of the terms “Wiccan” and “Witch”. Too many people use the terms interchangeably,
    presuming that they both mean the same thing. They do not.
    Wicca is just one of many faiths that embrace Magic. Wicca is a religion, and someone who follows that religion is called a Wiccan. Sometimes it
    can be difficult to accurately define Wicca, and not all Wiccans will define themselves the same way. Observing the 8 Wiccan Sabbats, honoring the
    Gods and/or Goddesses, creating sacred space for rituals, to name a few. Many traditional Wiccans also feel that belonging to a coven is also a
    requirement and that those who practice their religion as a solitary, should not refer to themselves as Wiccan. Personally, I’m still not sure on
    that point. Typical Wiccans also practice magick, and therefore are also witches. You cannot be a “natural Wiccan” any more than you could be a
    “natural Christian”.
    The practice of witchcraft is not associated with any religion, therefore you can be a witch and yet also be a member of any number of
    religions (or none). Using the natural energies within yourself, along with the energies of herbs, stones or other elements to make changes
    around you is considered witchcraft. Though the skills and gifts that are part of witchcraft can be inherited from parents or grandparents,
    you aren’t automatically a witch just because your grandmother may have been one. The use of magick takes practice, experience and learning.
    On a side note, a male witch is called a witch, not a warlock.
    While I’m explaining terminology, I thought I would throw in “Pagan” as well. Paganism refers to a variety of non-Christian/Jewish/ Islamic
    religions that are usually polytheistic and are often nature-based. Wicca is only one Pagan religion, but there are others such as Santeria,
    Asatru, or Shamanism. Many people do not necessarily identify with a specific religion, and just use the broad term “Pagan” to define their
    spiritual path. Pagan religions are distinct and separate from each other, and it should not be assumed that they are just different names for
    the same faith.
    Suggested Reading List
    Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner by Scott Cunningham
    Living Wicca: A Further Guide for the Solitary Practitioner by Scott Cunningham
    Complete Book of Incense, Oils and Brews by Scott Cunningham
    Book of Shadows: A Modern Woman’s Journey into the Wisdom of Witchcraft and the Magic of the Goddess by Phyllis Curott
    Green Witchcraft by Aoumiel (Ann Moura)
    True Magick by Amber K
    Inner Temple of Witchcraft: Magick, Meditation and Psychic Development by Christopher Penczak
    Heart of Wicca: Wise Words from a Crone on the Path by Ellen Cannon Reed
    The Spiral Dance by Starhawk
    Natural Magic by Marian Green
    Wheel of the Year: Living the Magical Life by Pauline Campanelli
    The Triumph of the Moon: A History of Modern Pagan
    Witchcraft by Ronald Hutton
    Christians becoming Wiccan

  6. Wirst off, witches and Wiccans are not the same. If you’re only interested in magic, then you’re looking to be a witch.
    There are NO rules for being a witch. Practice witchcraft? You’re a witch. You don’t have to join anything.
    If you’re interested in the religion of Wicca, there are some Traditionalists (who are in covens) who insist that Wicca can only be properly taught within a coven. However, its been my experience that that is not even the majority view among Traditionalists, much less people in general.
    I imagine a good coven would help tremendously. But there’s only a certain number of covens, and only a portion of them are any good. Do NOT feel you have to subject yourself to an abusive coven, or even a coven that you simply don’t fit well with. That will negate any potential benefit.

  7. question if u do use witchcraft , but ur already religious does that make u abandon ur original religion coz i really dont wanna do that ,,, like if ur a christian or a muslem , i just wanna do a spell or something to remove dark magic as in i wanna do white magic for very good reasons .. so any help on this topic =) ?

  8. ok im sorry i didnt read much of what was written up there so obviously the answer’s ,no i can practice witch craft ans still be what ever i want (religiously ) according to , but i still have another question , i live in Egypt, is there ANY covens here? coz i was thinking of just making friends with them but i can’t find ANY on the internet , i was thinking maybe they formed something small so people like me can notice them, so if u guys could help me on this i will be grateful , thank u .

    • Honey, there’s more to witchcraft then performing spells.
      Being a wiccan (witch) is about being harmonized with the earth (:
      you don’t just cast spells like Harry potter. You become one with the earth you help people this religion is not made to impress other people.

      • You’re so right Lux. A lot of people want to join Wicca to look cool and do witchcraft, but Wicca is a lot more than witchcraft. It’s a spiritual path that binds you with nature.

  9. I’m a solitary wiccan and you don’t have to join a coven.
    There is no rule-as far as i can tell-of having to join a coven.
    BTW there is no good or bad magick only good or bad people. Magick is a tool.
    There is no point in being a wiccan if you think it’s waving a magic wand-although we do use wands in rituals-and saying things like expecto-patronum or abracadabra.
    Hope this helps.

  10. Yes, this is technically a religion most people believe we worship “Satan” or “Devil” in which one does not exist in this religion we wish not for bad but for good spells you cast come back threefold and no we don’t have flying brooms that’s ridiculous don’t start stereotyping us because of movies and faerie tales

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