Do you have to be laying flat on your back in order to astral project?

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I think when you astral project, you have to be laying flat on your back. Am I correct? I find it sort of uncomfortable to lay flat on my back and not move for a long period of time. I’m a LOT more comfortable laying on my side, but laying on my back feels kind of like torture for some reason. Will I still have the same effect laying on my side when it comes to astral projection?

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I don’t believe in AP, but the reading I’ve done about it, and by people who practice it, they usually find very comfortable chairs, like my living room lounger, where they are more supported.
but it does not have to be any *particular* position, as some have done AP sitting at a table, or in a car.
take that for what it’s worth. 🙂


Yes I think you do I was definitely on my back the last time it happened to me…….for a moment anyway and then some sort of beam or shaft lifted me up and down up and down etc……briefly and then that was it.


That plus a fifth of Jack Daniels in your system will help.
(You might project a bit more than astrally, mind you…)


It is strictly up to you. If laying on your back makes you so relaxed you fall asleep, that won’t help. If sitting in a chair is so uncomfortable you can’t focus on projection that won’t help either.
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Hope this helps.


No, you can be in any position you want. Even standing.


Not at all.
The first time I did it, I was standing up. Took me by complete surprise! It is easier laying down, but you do not have to be flat on your back at all. I am usually on my side.

Lencia (BACK UP)

Haha is this some sex position I don’t about?


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