Do you have to be Jewish to study Kabbalah?

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I’m interested in studying Kabbalah. Do you have to be Jewish?

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Of course not.
I’m non-religious and I love studying world religions, especially Hinduism. That doesn’t make me Hindu.


No, just go to a local Kabbalah center and you can take classes. Just remember that studying Kabbalah doesn’t make you Jewish.


You could just pretend.


no I mean look at Madonna she’s Italian!


Isn’t that the “religion” those celebrities like. What a joke.
I wouldn’t want to be part of any religion Madonna is apart of.

Bobby The Wolf

I think so, it ‘is’ Jewish mysticism after all.
I will star for my Jewish contacts.


no anyone can study anything they want! 🙂

Blue Footsâ„¢

No you don’t have to be Jewish, but even Jews who ar enot very learned do not do it.


No you dont but, the true meaning of Quabbalah comes much easier to Jewish people, the true meaning is not understood by many people, ‘Mad ona included.


You don’t HAVE TO, but Jews will not teach it to you unless you are. You can learn from books, but you won’t really get it unless you have a firm grip on Judaism first.


No you don’t you can read it online from your own home, I knew a witch once that studied it.

Slightly Amused 7th Account

No you don’t.


It isn’t required, but it would certainly help get a better idea what you’re reading. Judaism is a very complex faith. You can’t just go to Barnes and Noble, buy a book, read the rules, and POOF, you’re a Jew. If you have sincere interests in Judaism, visit a Synagogue, and ask the Rabbi to help you better understand Judaism.


yes you do! to ruly studythe full extent of it and you have to special training, What Ashton, Kutcher and Maddona do is not true Jewish Cabala


If you arent a Jew, you are still permitted to study the aspects of Kabbalah that apply to you as a Gentile. Here is a paper on this topic by an Orthodox Rabbi:
P.S. The “Kabbalah” that Madonna and other celebrities study at the Kabbalah Centers, is not true Kabbalah. It’s the interpretation of it by Phil Gruberger (otherwise known as Philip Berg) who runs the place. He has been excommunicated by Orthodox Judaism for changing the Zohar, calling himself a Rabbi when he isn’t, charging people money for bogus “kabbalah water” that’s supposed to cure cancer, and a host of other ripoff type activities.

Mark S, JPAA

I’ll add to what CindyComesBack said. The issue with studying Kabbalah is that it is **heavily** rooted in Judaism and pre-supposes an extensive knowledge of the faith. Studying it without such knowledge would be similar to trying to read a recipe in a foreign language.
That said, Daniel Matt has written some excellent books on Kabbalah that are generally accessible to the public. I suggest starting there. Also, Wikipedia has a reasonable article on the subject–read it and see what you think.



bad tim, PWO

the real kabala would be meaningless to you unless you were a devout jew.
the fake, mystical kabalah has only a cursory relationship to judaism.


Kabalah is Jewish meditation, center mainly around the Hebrew letters and their relation to the Divine Name. The Divine Name is not truly a name as commonly thought of in English, but are more accurately described as attributes of the Creator. There are 72, 3 letter groupings each an attribute of the Creator. The meditation exercises are to aid in stripping away the parts of ourselves that hinder our energy flow to connect with the wisdom and energy flow the Creator placed in the universe. It is extremely difficult to mediate on the Hebrew letters and how they help us connect with the Creator when one has no knowledge of the Hebrew letters or their meaning.


Nope. Kabbalah is an ancient wisdom intended for anyone who wants to study. Kabbalah actually means reception, and it is a method of attaining the ability to receive boundless pleasure, and the purpose of life. Here is a link to a live, free, interactive Kabbalah course that allows you to ask questions live and have them answered personally, by an online instructor. Enjoy, and welcome to the beginning of an amazing journey.


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