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Do you have to be a certain age to buy tarot cards?

The tarot cards at the book store are lucked up in like a little glass taste and I was wondering if you had to be a certain age to purchse them? I’m 19 btw. And I know its not LGBT, but you guys are the best. =D


  1. no you don’t have to.. try to do a little research online before you buy them thou so you buy the right one.. some of them are really hard to understand and stuff so just look online for beginners tarot cards

  2. No, you don’t. (As far as I know)
    They’re kept in the glass case, because most people don’t like buying a set that’s been “handled.”
    There’s also the increased possibility that if they’re left out, some people may slip one or two out of the pack.
    Most stores which carry metaphysical supplies will have display sets that people can look at.

  3. No, that’s just to make sure you don’t steal ’em. Naughty, naughty! *wags finger* lol. I agree with the first guy, though- I’ve seen tarot cards for beginners and some for those who can read them better. You could ask someone who works there or poke around online.

  4. No.
    You can use a pack of playing cards, too (look up Cartomancy). Apparently playing cards were originally used for the same purpose as Tarot cards, but then they developed games with them instead, and now that’s what they’re used for as far as most people know.
    I’m not big into tarot but my favorite deck is by far the Thoth deck. It’s intense but the imagery and symbolism used really helps to understand the multiple archetypal/symbolic meanings a card can have.
    I don’t use the Tarot for divination (ie: telling the future), but I do use them for meditation. For example, I’ve found that meditating on the Tower card has aided in my spiritual development in regards to viewing the ego (ego inflation/deflation)
    When you get right down to it, the Tarot is just a collection of archetypes. That’s why they’re useful in fortune telling, their archetypal meanings apply to seemingly limitless situations. That’s why it can be such a useful tool in many other areas of life, as well. Once you begin to investigate their meanings, you realize just how powerful and well thought out these archetypes really are, as far as describing the human experience. It’s some pretty ancient wisdom, supposedly going back to ancient Egypt.
    But yeah, as said below, what’s more important than the cards themselves, are understanding what they represent.

  5. I would have to concurr with the first answer, inasmuch as it would be wise of you to research tarot before actually purchasing a deck. Reading the images correctly, the images have to speak to you of what they indicate, and with as many different decks as there are out there, quite a variety is available.
    I don’t believe there is an age requirement for the purchase of tarot cards, though I can completely understand why they are kept under lock and key prior to purchase. A store that does this is being responsible to the tradition of the tarot, that being that the cards, themselves, are reported to absorb your energy in order to be of service to you. Allowing multiple people to handle them before they are actually united with the reader who will use them is considered tarot-sacriledge. That, and the decks are of a size that make them easily shoplifted.
    There are books on the tarot, and it is best to begin with a history, so that you understand first *how* they are used, and follow the traditions from Egypt through Europe, so that you get a sense of responsibility to the history of this art. Study the different available decks. You will find similarities in the majority of them, and as you study them, one particular set of symbols will continually draw your focus……*that* would be the deck for you.
    Many swear by the Ryder deck, and I have one, though I also have a set of Aquarian, which I find are more compatible with my visual and spiritual symbolic language. It may very well be different for you. In know of at least three people who own French decks, believed to be the first European rendering.
    Have fun with it. Take the time to know what you’re doing before you start giving ‘readings,’ though…when you reach beyond the known, you have to be careful what you bring back with you.

  6. Um, I really don’t think so. That wouldn’t make much sense…unless you’re state has laws written by witch hunting christian extremists.

  7. No there is no age limit to buy Tarot Cards. They are not always locked up. It depends on the store you are in. When they are, I imagine it is as an anti-theft measure or to insure that people don’t take them out of their boxes and handle them.


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