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Do you have tips on how I can waste more energy during Earth Hour?

I will have every tv on in my house, I will do my dishes and my laundry, I will be cooking a pizza, have all my lights on and downloading files I never plan to look at. Do you have more tips?
Brain Blast!: I will delete them later thus wasting even more energy!


  1. It’s your electricity bill.
    But why download files, it’s just going to waste your memory. True but downloading files will slow down your computer even if you are going to delete them

  2. Light the BBQ.
    Use your fireplace.
    Fill your bathtub with hot water.
    Open all your windows and run you AC or heat. (depends on where you are)
    If you need anything from the store, make a trip for each item.

  3. I will not support “Earth Hour”.– I will support Human Achievement Hour. ABSOLUTELY EVERY LIGHT IN MY HOUSE WILL BE ON!! I will-RAGE AGAINST THE DARKNESS…!!!!
    these environmental wackos are watermelons…green on the outside RED as STALIN on the inside…
    That the recycling truck might be an hour late propels liberals into a state of near hysteria. That someone might actually own a gun sends them running to the therapist for Prozac, grief-counseling and Deepak Chopra seminars. They seek order, safety and security at any cost, rather than individuality, liberty and freedom. o_O
    Emotional Hippies – Crying Over Dead Trees
    Speaking of dim bulbs…


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