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Do you have mental telepathy with someone?

My husband and I can communicate with each other by mental telepathy. I sense when he needs to get a phone call from me. I always know when he is ill, even if he is far away from me. Have you had this experience with someone? I’ve heard that it is very common with twins.


  1. Yes!! I feel the same way. I can tell when someone is writing a message to me on Facebook so I know when to log on

  2. I have a solid and permament telepathic connection with a cat in Phillidelpia, USA. His name is george and he is lovely! Can’t make much sense of the persistant miaows, but its nice to know someone is always their!

  3. My sister and I who are 16 months apart in age always have the same song stuck in our head. We will seriously begin singing the same song at the same time. To test this we both took our mp3 players and randomly selected a song we both picked the same song 3 times in a row. If thats not telepathy then I don’t know what is. Another example is from like 5 days ago I came downstairs and told my sister something and she said that she was just going to ask me a quesion about what I had just told her.

  4. Yes. With my brother. But he is not my twin. Age difference of 9 years. But I’ve also kind of experienced this with my younger siblings where I say what they say the same time they say it.

  5. Yes, with my aunt. She was like a mom to me. So I got very attached to her and I cared for her a lot. When I was in school I would get a pain on my leg or on my thigh for no reason and when I would get home my aunt would tell me “I fell today and hurt my leg.” Sometimes I would feel very sad and so I knew she was sad. It was really really weird. She would also ask me sometimes if something was hurting and she would already know the answer. It was really weird. I never thought that something like this was true or possible, but I did experience it. Now she went back to her country and I got very very depressed. I haven’t spoken to her in about 2 years, but some day I will go visit her. I miss her. : (
    I had gotten very attached to her because my mother and I never had any sorta relationship. So most of the time I had no one to talk to and share my feelings with. Also when my aunt came to live with us I was a very depressed person. But with her I felt very comfortable talking to because she gave me the chance to talk and open up. She was a great listener and a very very caring person. My mother is nothing like my aunt so I really cant believe that they are sisters.

  6. no. mental telepathy is a bunch of hocus pocus and horse manure. i think that’s crazy talk. it doesn’t exit.
    i think the reason that you can “do” those things is because you know your husband very well. As for twins, (even siblings) they often think alike, and do the same things as due to genetic programming, it hasn’t anything to do with ‘telepathy’.
    Twins share experiences, and interests, not thoughts.
    Sometimes close friends think alike, OR “just know” when their friends need something. It is the same with family. BUT it is because you know them well. Intuition exists, yes… mental telepathy, no. what’s next are you going to say that mind-readers exist? Lmao. No one can know your thoughts except God; so… there’s none of that “putting thoughts into someone’s head” or “mental telepathy” garbage. It’s fruit-loopy, and not logical.
    What you are meaning is empathy, sympathy, and intuition, not telepathy. lol
    You’re entitled to think what you want, but sorry, so am i. And i disagree with you.

    • Not true I have a twin and a boyfriend we are all telepathic…when I’m not around him I see exactly what he’s doing and who he’s with…he talks to me and when I call out to him he comes no matter how far away….I even talk to his parents ….my sister and I see events before they happen…years before hand….logical? If you believe in a god then you would be part of him since he created you so would not you obtain part of “his” divinity….and empathy is in fact part of the ground work if you will for telepathy…and by the way believing in god is not logical it is in fact faith…a belief not based in logic…besides doctors do not even know all the functions of the brain…..so how could you…

  7. Yes!!! I have had visions with the men I have loved. I can become very connected to the ones I love. I can’t say I like it because I do not. I can sometimes actually “touch” their life and know if it is short or long (even animals). Not that I will know the exact day of their death just I will get a sense of their Length of time. I DO NOT LIKE THIS AT ALL AND I NEVER TRY TO HAVE IT. It’s ok to have a connection with the one you love but if he winds up doing something to hurt you you will also feel the pain in your belly. I don’t know why. It is a sorrow I have not learned to block. Just because you have this connection doesn’t mean its good. I guess it all depends. Right? Sorry if I sound negative about it.

    • I completely agree!! For many reasons, it’s better not to get too close to anyone. You may end up hurt more than you ever thought possible when you least expect it. Have pleanty of friends.

  8. I think that is totally possible. My sister and I do that same exact thing, except we now when one person is cranky, or the other person is not feeling well. I think it has something to do with people you love.

  9. I think it’s possible. Lately I’ve felt a very strong connection with a person I’ve been sleeping with. When I fantasize about certain positions with him, we’ll usually end up performing it soon after I’ve thought about it. I remember when we first started hanging out, I found myself often saying “I knew you were going to do that”. Nowadays it’s just creeping me out, as if I feel like he knows what I am thinking. I will sometimes randomly imagine him doing things or saying things, only to see him actually doing that thing or saying that thing shortly after.
    I did not think too much about it until I started seeing sparks of light. Once I was driving and thinking about him, then I’d see sparks of light. I saw him once and there was a spark of light on him. It’s all so weird and very irritating to think that none of this could mean anything.
    I hope you find your answer because I’m searching for mine.
    I guess one thing you can do is believe in anything until proven wrong.

  10. Me and my best friend kirsten always finish each others sentences and we both say the same things at the same time! 🙂 😛 :O :L 8)


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