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Do you have Extra Sensory Perception?

I occasionally get very accurate but totally random and useless snippets of thing that are going to happen. Has anyone else had this happen and do you have any control over it?
PS I’m not crazy, proof available upon request 🙂


  1. Yes I do. Most of the time the info I get is useful to me. But it has taken a long time to get control of this. And still I get weird info.

  2. After a good amount of work, I’ve developed a bit of it. It’s certainly not natural to me, and as I have a few minor goals with it, I plan to work until I reach those points and then quit paddling against the stream.

  3. Once someone threw a ruler at me whilst i had my back to them and i dodged it before they threw it. I remember thinking at the time that my if my friend was in the room, he would be throwing some stationary about now, then i remembered he was in the room and i dodged it. I think i should be in the matrix 4. Hehe
    But nothing major like predictions or anything.

  4. I think that we all have extra sensory perception whether we use it or not, we know when the phone is going to ring, we know when the postman is going to knock, or someone to give good new or bad news, we all have the inclunation of knowing that something is going to happen, when you are driving down the road thinking o please do not break down today too busy, what happens we have all been there.

  5. I do–and I have about as much control as anybody–the key is to relax your conscious mind–the “tools of the trade” help, like tarot cards, automatic writing, pendulums, scrying bowls, crystal balls, etc.–anything that you can focus on and “trance out”–good luck!

  6. Yes, I have very little control over it though unless I meditate on it for a few weeks and then I have a very heightened sense of awareness.
    When I was a bit younger and my son was about 2 years old we were both sleeping soundly in bed. At about 3am my son was just about to fall off the bed when I woke up and grabbed him just as he was about to fall – I remember thinking “but, I’m asleep, how did I do that?”.
    Also, my sister and I are very close. We live about 10 minutes drive from one another and are best friends even though we have our own families now. I often know when she is about to call and when she is upset I feel it and call her straight away. She isn’t my twin, but I can’t imagine being any more in tune with her if she was.
    I don’t believe for a moment that you are crazy, but I would be interested in your proof though. I wouldn’t know how to produce proof myself and I’d like to see how you’ll do it.


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