Do you have any views on the Dalai Lama's visit to the UK?

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Nikki C

As he is probably visiting London, I won’t be able to see him from here.
I may be able to view his plane, but of course with so many in the sky, which one is his is anyones guess ??!?!?!

dancing queen

Do you think he will try to pay a visit to the Beatles (or the ones that are left anyway?!)


Yes…why wasn’t he nicked for not wearing a seat belt?


The 2012 Olympics are a success.

thomas c

I welcome the visit by His Holiness to the U.K. and believe that his simple message of love,peace and non-violence is one that our leaders should listen to and accept with humility.
This country has now been at a continuous state of war for almost a whole generation,our society has been transformed into a surveillance society where the threat or fear of violence is afflicting the health of the nation .
Spiritual values have been on the defensive in the modern Britain of today and the recent vote on the Human Embryology Bill has revealed the lack of spiritual awareness of the sanctity of life by many of our so-called representatives.
The Dalai Lama has no prejudice against scientific knowledge .We should now recognise our need to respect and take heed of the spiritual advice that His Holiness gives to us all.His message is essentially the same as Jesus and is appropriate for everyone to follow whether we regard ourselves as Buddists ,Christians,Muslims or even atheist.
I have read some of his works and remember in particular his advice on how we can develop our capacity to love.
Long live the Dalai lama!
‘If the internal enemy of hatred is not tamed
When one tries to tame external enemies,they increase.
Therefore,it is a practise of the wise to tame themselves
By means of the forces of Love and Compassion


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