Do you have a personal God?





Meaning something other than you who thinks, feels, desires, loves….you. That which we call God is outside of time, and therefore does not engage in the temporal process of thought. No thought, no perception. No perception, no desire. There is no personal God……
For those who are still with me, God is one of the many names we give to the Source of Conscious thought and feeling, and so this Source does not think or feel. It’s the Source of the illusion of time and space, and therefore does not exist in time/space. Rather, consciousness, thought, feeling, time, space, the entire physical illusion exists within this Source, much the way dreamscapes arise within your own mind and are never other than the functioning of our own minds.
This God fulfils many ego needs and is also a part of the believer’s spiritual process, but there is no God ‘out there’, there is only You dreaming a dream of otherness, seeking to know yourSelf.
Enjoy the dream and be kind to yourself.


  1. I have developed simple nonsectarian, universal spiritual practices based on my experience and background with various religious and spiritual paths. For me, the purpose of any spiritual practice is to encourage self-reflection, internalizing this awareness, and to develop wonder, gratitude, and awareness of the interdependent forces of the Universe. I have taught these techniques to my children (ages 7 and 9) and we do them together. We also do a Sacred Meal where we think and are grateful for all of the things that have contributed to the food and drink we are about to consume (we do this by “presenting” the food to a picture of the Earth while chanting “Be One. Be Love. Be Peace.”). We also have a family drum and chant circle to help express a connection with the interdependent forces of the Universe.
    Here are the simple techniques that I have developed. For both chanting and silent meditation practice, your specific posture does not matter. If you are uncomfortable sitting on the floor, you can sit on a chair with feet flat on the floor.
    Way of Oneness Chanting Practice
    Being more musically inclined, I created a nonsectarian alternative to the combination of chanting a rhythmic phrase (or mantra) to a visual object (often a scroll, picture or statue). This is a more active form of meditation as compared to the silent form of meditation which is discussed below.
    You are more than welcome to use this chanting practice if you think you may find it possibly useful. While there are many folks that seem to believe their particular mantra (which is a phrase which is repeated as a focusing device has “magical power”, it really is the mindfulness that matters. The mantra is just one of the vehicles you can use to get there.
    I recommend “Be One. Be Love. Be Peace.” as the chanting and meditation mantra which is appropriate for nonsectarian, universal spirituality in the Way of Oneness. This phrase is a reframing and translation of the Hindu term “satchitananda” (which means pure being, pure consciousness, and pure bliss) and is another way of referring to the interdependent forces of the Universe or the universal divine (or Brahman or God or Goddess or Dharmakaya or whatever label you prefer).
    I use two forms: “Be One. Be Peace.” for those who prefer a four syllable “mantra” or more often I recommend “Be One. Be Love. Be Peace.” for those who prefer the pace of a six syllable “mantra”. As in drumming, people who like to chant are attracted to the rhythm and they find it an easy way to center themselves and become mindful.
    The specific chanting practice method that I find helpful in the vein of the Way of Oneness (the realization of interdependence) is to chant “Be One. Be Love. Be Peace” in a position of reverence (palms together in front of chest with fingers pointing upward – a traditional gesture of respect) to a picture or photograph of the planet Earth which is a wonderful visual representation of the interdependent forces of the Universe. Just chant this phrase loudly or softly in a comfortable pace until you are satisfied.
    Silent Meditation Practice in the Way of Oneness
    Meditation is simply learning to live in the moment, when nothing distracts you and when you are not tied to the past or anxious about the future. In meditation you become peacefully aware of your real self. The more you use it, the more aware you become. When you learn to live life for each moment, to enjoy and appreciate life to the fullest at that moment, you suddenly become impervious to the myraid
    of doubts and fears that you’ve lived with all your life.
    There are a couple of simple techniques for silent meditation as well. You do not have to sit on the floor. You can sit with erect back on a chair. Many people say try for 15 minutes twice a day. I say start with a simpler goal – 5 minutes twice per day. The benefits include stress management and relaxation benefits which help the body, increased mindfulness and focus, and increased energy. The mindfulness can be a benefit to your spiritual life, but meditation also has “non-spiritual” benefits. Here are two easy techniques:
    Breathing meditation – 1) Check posture. 2) Close your eyes and relax. 3) Focus on your breath entering and leaving your body. 4) Count breaths mentally one to four. Repeat. 5) Don’t fight a wandering mind, but calmly direct it back to task. 6) Sit for a minute afterwards.
    “Mantra” technique (choose a personal “calm” word or phrase that you will repeat in your meditation ? I use the nonsectarian “Be One. Be Love. Be Peace.”) – 1) and 2) as above in the Breathing meditation. 3) Listen to your breathing and let it relax you with each breath. 4) Once you are relaxed, mentally “hear” your “calm” word or phrase in your mind. Let it repeat in your mind. 5) Don’t fight a wandering mind, but calmly direct it back to task. 6) Sit for a minute afterwards.
    That is all there is to these very simple but beneficial silent
    meditation and chanting techniques. Many people think that
    something “mystical” should happen during meditation or chanting. Most often “nothing” happens and “nothing” should be expected.
    I hope these are helpful!
    Be One. Be Love. Be Peace.

  2. How about an ‘interpersonal G-d’ interconnected at all times with all beings and phenomena? If one can look past the god of the Ego, the beginnings of this insight should appear.
    Reminds me of a song,
    Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,
    Life is but a dream.

  3. Gaia. (Earth).
    We (or me) are part of one complex living and non-living organism.
    To believe in an external ‘god’ is egotistical and a human failing.
    Look around you, if we hurt Gaia, she will hurt us right back, she culls what is/and when necessary.
    We are not above her we are of her.
    Respect, love and kindness to everything that is of her organic and non-organic.
    Cherish your existence as you have been chosen to see.

  4. I’m Buddhisticly inclined.
    Although I sometimes use god as a metaphore. I see the ‘nameless’ as a creative womb, but yes, impersonal, formless, timeless, vastness.
    A personal god could be anything I suppose, money, even ‘spirituality’ as a kind of idealised idea of how one should be. c.f. floaty dreamy way-out-man types.

  5. Dream world:)

    i use the word ‘divine-inteligence’ for God. but its not a peron. A person is a concept, a mental image of a “me” and all the beliefs and definitions that go along with that. But what i am is not an idea or a belief. You are/i am that pure awareness that knows the ideas. The person or identity appears within the awareness. Awareness is the ever-present background. Everything is only an appearance in this presence, awareness, consciousness, life, spirit, emptiness, being, God, oneness and so on.
    Belief in belief in Ourselves…and who you are/i am. All of the spiritual and religious teachings of the past serve the ego and its projections.The ego is the belief that there is a separate entity standing apart from being-awareness(God) and that you are that separate one. Where is the separate self? There is not one. The ego is a false belief. It is not a reality.

  6. Yeah….her name is Jobo…she’s pretty nice…promised me 1000000 concubines when I die….so…you know, it’s all good.

  7. I don’t have a personal god, just a personal journey that I was fortunate enough to travel due to a genetic lottery. This is all the luck I will ever need, the rest is up to me. Loving the journey, in need of no higher powers.

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