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Do you have a PAST LIFE?

has anybody ever been to somebody and had past life regression?
Do you think that we all have past lives or do you think that we just make these things up in our imaginations?
your opinions please?


  1. I have never had a regression but I do believe we have all lived many times before and that we must live out the karma of our past lives in our current ones.

  2. i no a boy. that named a name and place and house and described all these things down to there dog exactly. then we went there and it was exactly was he had described it strange hu?!!?
    there more than we will ever no about
    Hes only 2 theres no way he could of known that stuff

  3. Some people might have past life’s. We will all have future life’s to in Heaven or Hell depending on if we accepted Jesus as our savior and repented our sins.

  4. I think the majority of us have lived past lives. I think maybe we keep getting sent back until we “get it right”.

  5. hmm dont know
    theres a programme on in the uk that does regressions on “celebrities” called .. “have you been here before?” or something,
    i watch it because it makes me laugh, not because i think its true…
    most of the facts they say dont add up,
    but it makes good viewing =]]

  6. we all have many past lives. we keep coming back because of all the bad shit we do.
    the problem (or not) is we cannot remember things from past lives. we have a hard enough time remebering stuff in this present life…..lol

  7. No I do not believe in past lives. I think you get one shot and that’s it. People can believe whatever they chose but if someone stated they live a past life I would not believe them and believe they conjured it up in their head.

  8. The idea of reincarnation has been around a long time. In fact, Christianity is merely another variation on the theme. A bunch of hooey AFAIC.
    The reality is that, indeed, there are atoms in your body that were once part of William Shakespeare or Cleopatra perhaps or any one of millions of people. So in that sense you have lived before.

  9. ok, i’ve talked to a psychic, and no, i’m not a crazy wack job that’s unquestioningly into those things…anyhow, she told me something about me and a past life, but it didn’t mean much to me and i didn’t ‘connect’ with the information. HOWEVER, my mom talked to her and she told my mom 2 interesting things regarding past lives:
    first, she said that my mom had been related to one of her children in a past life in spain…she said it was the child she really felt an affinity for (ME! and the ‘affinity’ comes because we have spent so much time together in past lives)…anyhow, in this life she was my son and i was her mother and it was during the inquisition…although we weren’t catholic, my ‘mom’ (son in that life) went to work for the church so (s)he could protect our family and protect us from the inquisition. then the psychic said this is where my mom’s negative feelings towards the church came from…
    now, everytime my mom and i have traveled in europe and seen those HUGE cathedrals, my mom has just gone on and on about how so many poor people had to starve so the church could build this stupid cathedral, and on and on and on. i personally just thought the churches were pretty.
    second, my parents ALWAYS fight and my mom has ALWAYS said (since i became old enough for her to talk to me about this) that she felt she and my father had ‘been married before’…and she felt that she did something AWFUL to my father because in THIS life she feels she’s making up to him for something and he doesn’t trust her at all (even though she’s never done anything to prompt this)…and i was always just like ‘yeah ok whatever mom’. then the psychic said to my mom ‘you have been with your husband MANY times in past lives…and in one of the lives when you were the man, you cheated…and this is why your husband has deep running trust issues with you’
    i mean, this is BEFORE my mom said anything to her about any of this. it’s totally interesting. and i DO believe this psychic is real…she was suggested by the real allison dubois (the woman behind the tv show Medium) and although she is young, i definitely believe her…especially since she said stuff to me that i was like ‘yeah ok, whatever’ and i talked about it with my friends and family and they were like ‘yeah ok whatever, she’s just confused’ and then what she said AMAZINGLY (and horribly…it wasn’t a good thing!) came true! if i WASN’T a believer before, i am now.
    that said, who you were in a previous life is meaningless. it’s just funny and interesting. and consulting a psychic is no different than going to a psychologist and asking them to make decisions FOR you. if you are interested in consulting one for FUN and ENTERTAINMENT i think it’s great, but if you are hoping to get answers to your life, i’m not sure it’s useful…allison dubois suggests very few psychics that she personally knows and one of them is a psychic/life advisor…or something like that. i think she might be interesting to talk to…
    happy past life searching!


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