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do you guys think that past life regressions are actual experiences or that our minds build these images?

i had one done in april and what i saw and felt was something that i doubt just because it was so amazing…did i build that or was it so?
thanks for the input but i think it’s important to add that what i saw was while i was awake, sort of a very lucid daydream except you can actually feel the weather..the “spiritual healer” directed me to come in and out of lifetimes until my spirit(s) didn’t let me. he later told mehe saw all that i did and cleared up some of my visions since i was in such denial. i do believe but it sounds too good to be true in a sense…thanks guys.


  1. Neither, really…
    Someone ELSE puts them into your mind, its not you forming those ideas…
    When I was a teenager, I went to one of these psychic fairs and had a past live regression done for me. I was told that in my past life I was a feared warrior and that I had lost the love of my life due to my temper and violence.
    I realized afterward that I was told exactly what a geeky, skinny, nerdy teenaged boy wanted to hear. That I was once feared by all men.

  2. Every person is responsible for there actions, a human mind cannot manifest events into the active world of being, it can only influence it if it has apart.
    (Example: You see an Ant crawling across the kitchen floor, you can let it be and it can continue it’s course; or you can step on it and end it’s course.)

  3. It’s a mystery.
    There’s no reason why we could not be sent back to live other lives in order to learn other lessons. There’s no real attention given this question in Christian or Hebrew Scripture. True some verses might suggest one life only, but that’s of doubtful validity, since the verses are addressing other concerns.
    If your gut is telling you it’s not quite right, then I would pay attention to what your gut is telling you, because it is possibly tapping into some knowledge of the situation of which you are not aware. Of course, if it’s something that might be true, but you sort of “wish” it weren’t, then that’s a different story altogether. Sometimes we learn things we wish we hadn’t learned when we start turning over rocks.

  4. I can’t think of any way I can describe to one under hypnosis what I want to happen without “suggesting” that it happen. Can you?

  5. It depends. I wasn’t there so I couldn’t tell you.
    Past lives do exist, but I don’t think everyone has one.
    Was the person you went to credible? Unfortunately, some people who do the regressions are scam artists.

  6. I used to get those too, but they’re not real. One time I had a dream about these two women and they said they’re going to show me who I was in my past life, and I was Daniel Boone’s son.
    Or maybe I’d seem to know something about WWII and think I must have been a soldier then. But my dad actually had been a soldier in WWII (3rd Army rangers) and all he watched practially was WWII movies.
    But as I got older, I realized it was just a dream. For one thing, reincarnated people are always someone famous or from some place mystical like Atlantis or Egypt.
    For another thing, Daniel Boone in my dream looked just like Fess Parker w/ coonskin cap.
    People in Scientology think they have all these past lives trilions (yes trillions) of years ago…it’s happens because of hypnosis and imagination.

  7. Reincarnation is real. We have all been here many times. The goal in fact is to get off the wheel of life, death and rebirth and go all the way home to God.
    We could all have past life memories if we wanted. I can’t answer about your experiences, only you can know how real it was. It’s important not to get stuck in the past and life the life you have.


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