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Do you guys believe time travel is possible?

Hawkins believes in time frequencies, Einstein had his space and time continuum.
Time is thought to be a cone shape, you can circle around to any point in time.
If you can harness the energy of an exploding star, the thing that creates a black hole, it is scientifically possible to travel back in time or into the future.
What do you guys think?


  1. Going into the future is easy. We do it all the time.
    Besides, time doesn’t necessarily have to be linear. It may simply be our changing perception of our surroundings.

  2. Ya that may be possible… Some famous scientist (sorry, forgot his name) has proposed this many-world’s theory… that means in the same earth many worlds exist….not knowing of the other worlds…. once we r able to communicate with other worlds… time travel could be possible…

  3. According to Dr. “Doc” Emmett Brown, the flux capacitor is “what makes time travel possible.”
    …Add a DeLorean DMC-12 and a nuclear reaction (1.21 gigawatts) to generate the electricity needed to power the time machine.

  4. I would say no. At least not from what we believe to be true
    If you think of it from Newtonian perspective then events in time are 10^74 or more particles colliding in the universe. The energy to reverse it is HUGE.
    From Einstein’s special relativity the answer is no once more, there os no frame of reference where time goes back. This is rather simple problem that I have seen on the physics test
    With general relativity and accelerating frames it is a bit harder, but it also seams no
    With quantum theory that need parallel universes time travel is more possible, but it is more of seeing alternative future, rather then past or the future.
    But we live in 3 dimensions and time is forth. So maybe if there are more then 4 dimension it may be possible
    Few comments.
    I do not know about time as cone, the image of cone is often used to illustrate warping of space time do to gravity, but I am not sure about cylinder. It is more of illustration rather then model itself.
    And black hole is created from implosion, not explosion
    And harnessing energy of explosion is interesting but not possible.
    The energy is “accounted for” so to say. Energy fro other dimensions may be.

  5. Time travel in a physical sense is not possible. Enstein wasn’t sure how time fit into the picture when he invented the space continuum so he joined it in there with it to make the space-time continuum. This implies that time is a fundamental aspect of space just as electricity and magnatism is in electromagnatism. However, this is not the case since time as an entity is not real. Time is merely a way for humans to describe the motion or lack of motion externally or internally of objects. For instance, years, days, hours, etc. is not because of time. Time does not cause these things to take place. They are all caused by gravity, momentum and centrifigal force. While these three aren’t physical, they are entities because we can see an effect that they have on the real world. Wrinkly skin, gray hair, cells dying, etc. are all caused by internal real forces, lack of nutrients, etc. Time does not cause any of this by itself only to take place. Henceforth, time is an illusion, a very useful one, but still an illusion. There is no fabric of time. Also, black holes are not the result of the energy that is released from an exploding star. Stars explode or go supernova on a regular basis. Most will just become white and then brown dwarfs afterwards. It is only the very massive stars which will eventually become black holes. Additionally, a show on Discovey Channel showed a few leading time and dimention scientists who thought time travel might be possible. One claimed that you could only go forwards in time. Another said that if you were to go backwards in time, then it would cause a new dimension to form since you were never there the first time around. Besides, in essence and from a linear timeframe standpoint, to go forwards or backwards in time implies that in the here and now, you no longer exist. To go forwards (a leap that is) means that you would not exist for a period of time and then pop back into existence. To go backward in time implies that way back when all of a sudden there you were, popped into reality from nowhere, probably before you had even been born. Then years go by and you were born and eventually you’ll have to leap out of existence in order to fullfill the existence you had in the past. And of course if you accidently kill your grandfather then you have a causality effect. While time travel is very entertaining, I’m afraid it is physically impossible. In fact there is one scientist and although I can’t remember his name, but he was probably more down to earth and realistic than Enstein and Hawkins combined. He basically said, “If time travel is ever possible then why haven’t we been visited by our future race yet?” However, I believe that mental time travel and space travel is possible. To view events in the past or future doesn’t change the results of the physical world. I believe this is how some psychics seem to be able to do just that. They can view things, but can’t change them. It’s been theorized that there may be eleven or more dimensions. If so, then perhaps some people of found a way to unknowingly travel into these planes mentally in which the mind is not bound by space or time.

  6. What I believe time slows down if an object travels more than that of a speed of light which is 300,000km/s. Travelling at this speed will shorten the years. For example at the speed of light ,you can calculate the length it travel in one year.(lightyear). If a body travels more than 300,000km/s, then time becomes shorter. That is true to V=S/T, V , speed of the body. S distance in light year and T time it travels.

  7. Energies consist of vibrations, and how dense a vibration is determines its placement in the space-time continuum. Information also can be strewn across space-time as per its density. Most people think of information as having a specific position in space-time, but this is not the case. Classical information has a specific position,but there is no reason why information itself cannot be warped and travel as an extremely low density energetic form. How energy is distributed across space-time accounts for its density.
    Entanglement between two like forms can occur with a great spacial distance between them. The intervening space between the entangled forms is also involved in the process of transmission.
    We are accustomed to thinking of information as dense. This is only one possible way to envision it.
    You can indeed travel to other realities, parallel universes and the like. When a sufficiently low density energy bubble is created, one can outrun the speed at which our universe operates. Time travel would then be achieved. The problem is one of density, and density becomes destiny. It is possible for a human to expand into a low density energetic frequency then pop back into a higher density form. By doing so, one can travel to parallel realities and suddenly hit the brakes, stopping in those realities.

  8. Well, I wouldn’t really call it time travel but anyway, imagine you get into a spacecraft that is capable of traveling in the speed of light. Imagine you fly away from Earth at the speed of light for lets say 1 year. After 1 year, when you come back to Earth, there would be thousands or maybe millions of years past since the time you left (for light speed calculator see The science channel website). It means that if you traveling the speed of light will make your time go extremely slow compared to the normal time (speed).
    So when you return to Earth thousands or millions of years to the future, you are stock. If you don’t like that, you can’t go to the past. I mean the past is gone, there is noway to go back.
    The idea I told you is not a way to go to the future, it’s just making your time go extremely slow compared to that on Earth’s normal speed and time. I wouldn’t called it ‘going to the future’.
    Another way to ‘go to the future’ is as if you would manage to stay in a close and stable orbit around a black hole. It would also make your time go slower than the normal time on Earth.


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