Home Discussion Forum Do you guys believe in chaos magic ( magick ) ?

Do you guys believe in chaos magic ( magick ) ?

i never really cared about all that kind of stuff but then i stumbled upon some pretty disturbing facts about it in the internet . I looked it up on wikipedia but there are just too many words and ideas that i couldn’t understand. If anyone would please explain to me what it is in simple words and if they’ve seen that kind of magic at work. thanks !


  1. There is a balance needed in magick. The light and the dark. Order and chaos. Positive and Negative. To put it simply, Chaos is like the demolition crew that is needed to tear down an old foundation so that Order may build something new and better. It can be used for evil purposes along with any magick, and any prayers, and any type of worship.
    Hope that helps.

  2. Alcorna is both right and wrong, but you’ll have to discover why for yourself.
    Simply put, chaos magick is about doing what works for you. Chaotes (chaos magick practitioners) can invoke any spirit or deity from any system one moment, and then laugh it all off then next. Sigilization is one thing that has arose from chaos magick, but I’ll leave that for you to study. It’s best to seek your own understanding of it.
    Gnosis is the altered state of mind used when casting. Gnosis can include deep trances, laughter, drugs, or whatever you find works best for you.
    Does it work? It has worked for me. It’s a long process of trial and error, experimentation and evaluation. Google “Liber MMM” for a quick primer if you want.

  3. Only in computer games.
    So what are these disturbing facts?
    That you can no longer get the full 100 points for taking down a level 12 basilisk with such a spell?

  4. I practice it.
    What do you find so disturbing about it?
    I think this quote sums it up well:
    “Rather than trying to recover and maintain a tradition that links back to the past (and former glories), Chaos Magick is an approach that enables the individual to use anything that s/he thinks is suitable as a temporary belief or symbol system. What matters is the results you get, not the ‘authenticity’ of the system used. So Chaos Magic then, is not a system — it utilises systems and encourages adherents to devise their own, giving magic a truly Postmodernist flavour.”
    – Phil Hine, Condensed Chaos


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