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Do you get stares as I do?

In the last 6 months or so I have noticed, mostly from the corner of my eye or the rearview mirror of my car, passersby turning and staring as I go by.
For the qick answers out there — no I am neither extraordinarily ugly or handsome and have no particular demeanor. Most of the time I have a pleasant expression on my face.
The looks I receive are, for the most part, from strangers who think they might have seen me before. It is almost as if they know that I know something they don’t.
I am usually very observant and know this has only started happening since my spiritual awakening.
Has this happened to anyone else?


  1. Yes, I have been stared at in the past, but I think it was because of the awful haircut I had for the first 18 years of my life.

  2. Although I have never heard this question, I am not surprised…..peace and joy always are apparent to other believers….(and others)

  3. you are shining and people notice
    yes it is your awakening
    lol a man nearly crashed his car looking at me the other day .. and i am far from ugly but not gorgeous either
    im just plain
    but i shine .. you shine
    and it is beautiful xx

  4. You should really work on not being so self-conscious. If people are looking at you, you are behaving oddly or they are simply being nice. What, exactly, do you think they see or know?

  5. It sounds like you should start checking your house and especially under your bed for recording devices. Ditching the foil helmet would help.

  6. yes, but it turns out i babble a lot. i tell myself to stop but it just gets worse. is it my fault the world is full of t?

  7. yes..
    it has happened to me,
    as well.
    they could merely be sensing
    your energized aura.
    feel free to check out my blog,
    as it is related to such things.

  8. sure…all the time. Ever bought a new pair of shoes?…then you start noticing everyone else’s shoes? It happens every time!
    A “spiritual awakening”? Whatever… I have those every time I see a sunset, or a new baby, or an old person smiling. & people aren’t looking at ME,,,they’re looking at what I’m looking at.
    You’re just too self-absorbed. Get over yourself!

  9. I would have to have more Info. on what your Spiritual Awakening was all about.
    If you Accepted Jesus as your Saviour, it could be the Glory of GOD comning out of you, and they are Children of GOD who are Spiritual too.
    Spirit Beareth Witness to Spirit.
    GOD Gives Alot of Glory to the NewBorns—-then you should Start Growing in the Spirit and Learn How to Keep GODs Glory Alive and Full in you.
    Yes, I have Even had a Stranger see the Glory and Asked to be Prayed for.
    And at the Time, I Thought I was Back-Slidden. Kids think some weird Things at Times, the devil will make Sure of it.


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