Do you get self-consciousness when people stare?

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I was in college going to another building when i see someone ahead of me who just stopped and stared at me. Then I kept walking and he did as well and he was still staring. When i got the the building I rushed to the bathroom just in case their was anything on my face. Their was nothing on my face . So do you? or do you just blow it off?

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Maryam.... spanish girl

He was probably perving….
happens daily to me

Hope হৌপ أمل 希望 надежда

If I see someone staring at me, I stare back with a mean look. >:(


Honestly it annoys me. Sometimes I just stare back..turning around as I pass. Let it roll off your shoulder..maybe this person was very taken with your looks or something. Maybe this person just stares and does not realize it as they are watching you but really thinking about something else and not realizing what they are doing.


no but its quite annoying


Asalamalakum sister,
I hope you are going well today,
I live in the middle east which is filled with Arabs and Pakis. Believe me Arab/paki girls are not worth looking at.
I hope I have helped,

اسماء (asmaa)

it just means that your pretty

Ryu Hayabusa

maybe he fancied ya
men are not good at subtlety. lol!

~Maryam Spanish Troll~

You blow them


y should i
your name reminds me of a song called “why should i cry for you”


Maybe you reminded him of someone?


yes i hate that…
usually i dont say anything till after about 10mins..
“take a friggen picture already! weirdo…”
lol at least it stops the staring


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