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Do you find as pagans, people find your religious beliefs/practices interesting or weird?

i put down i’m not religious, but spiritual…and i have many beliefs in color symbolism, animal symbolism, plant symbolism, numerology, astrology, tarot cards, talismans, healing crystals/healing colors, mandalas, dream catchers, shamanism, i ching, semi-vegetarianism, natural hair care, herbs, sundances, chants/spells, gods/goddesses, etc- and whenever i talk about these things- or some of them which i do practice people have weird reactions…like i’ve never met a person like you- or you’re so cool- and i’m just wondering- like do other people who follow pagan beliefs get the same kinds of reactions from people- some are like man you are cool, or man you are weird!
yes- i am pretty careful who i tell to- a lot of people are still under the impression a pagan is a witch or heretic! which we are not!


  1. I’m pretty careful whom I talk to about it. If it’s someone who’s demonstrated to me that they are open-minded I will tell them. Otherwise I keep my mouth shut. I don’t have to defend my beliefs to anyone. Most people I’ve told are pretty accepting; they ask me questions respectfully and are interested in the answers I give them.

  2. I supose you think this is normal and not wierd
    We arrive at the church The praise begins
    We then start off slow
    Proceed to build up the praise and worsship with a little healing service
    Start getting filled with the sspirit
    Have our guest speaker preach a sermon (profit) Oral Roberts
    We are now caught up in the spirts
    Just when you thought you could not be filled with any more praise we invented a new soulution
    We are so filled now we have to let it out
    Now that we are as full as we can be with Praise and worship

  3. Forgive me for answering as a non-Pagan (I’m an atheist), but I think the primary reason your beliefs seem weird is that you’re in such a small minority (not unlike atheists).
    Now I have to say that I find your beliefs to be no more far-fetched than those of most organized religions, which is to say that they’re all pretty far-fetched, not holding up to rational scrutiny, and likely based in emotional desire rather than actual intellectually honest observation. I know that’s pretty harsh but I figured you wanted an honest answer.
    As much as I don’t hold your beliefs in high regard, I do readily come to your defense when Christians or others of popular religions attack your beliefs for being irrational. It is a blatant case of the pot calling the kettle black.

  4. Even though I’m not pagan, I do agree that I find most people give weird reactions. I consider you normal even though we do not have the same beliefs. I’m interested in different religions, but I would never say you are weird. I think many religions whether pagan or non-pagan have many similar beliefs.

  5. Most of the reactions I get are as you describe, though fewer of the “you are weird” variety. My former supervisor was a charismatic Catholic. She finally popped the question. What religion are you? I was afraid that I was going to be burned at the stake, but I stated the truth. She said nothing negative, and asked a few well-informed questions, and just left it alone. More interesting was another co-worker. It bothered him a great deal that I knew more about the Bible than he did, and yet I chose not to be a Christian.

  6. I would like to know why some people choose paganism,wicca,and all of that medieval or Roman-era vague ideas.Smells like spiritual substitute to religion when they cannot abandon the idea of God altogether.

  7. I am not pagan, yet my spirituality is not of any mainstream organization.
    My actions and relationships towards others is very respectful and kind, some would take me as a true follower of the word of Christ, or Buddhist.
    When people get to know me better they see my interests in astrology and tarot, etc. They usually will share their experiences with these things or just want to know more.
    I think the biggest ‘conflict’ I have had in regards to my natural/spiritual faith is when I had some one pray for me becuase they saw a Celtic cross on my shirt and thought is was a satanic sign.
    I was asked if I had accepted Jesus into my heart- I said I accept all people into my heart…then they asked if I believed that Jesus was Gods son, I asked them, aren’t we all God’s children? and they asked to pray with me.

  8. The only people who want to hear about my beliefs
    are ones who are sympathetic, so they tend to find
    it interesting. I guess the others would find it weird
    if they heard about it, but they don’t want to listen,
    so they never hear about it.

  9. More often than not people are curious, Some people are put off by my beliefs, but other than the comments like, “well, thank goodness I personally have Jesus,” not too much happens for the most part.

  10. No, not really. Most people say “Oh wow, I didn’t know anyone still believed in those gods.”
    I rarely get problems and when I do, they are rarely a big deal. Like last sememster I had a group of girls who just plain determined to save my soul. It was annoying at most, though there was a day I actually got mad. Over all it wasn’t that big of a deal.

  11. I’m very careful about who I tell. But a few people who I have told have expressed interest in hearing more about my practice, and about the Irish mythology that I study.


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