Home Discussion Forum do you feel tired after stimulating your pineal gland?

do you feel tired after stimulating your pineal gland?

recently i’ve been trying to stimulate my pineal gland and i get to this place in my mind where i can actually feel my existence but then i get this floating sensation and i get scared. when i go to the “place” in my mind i feel like im literally gonna leave this dimension or whatever and once the thought of”leaving” comes in my mind i always lose focus and then (with my eyes still closed) it like i opened them. then distracting thoughts start flowing in uncontrollably as if my mind is trying to cover up/hide something from me.when i finally open my(actual eyes) i feel exactly the way a person would feel after they’ve had an interesting dream but i feel really tired. if you’ve practice stimulating the pineal gland do you feel tired after wards ? is this just the after effect of meditating correctly


  1. That’s awesome!
    Hmm, I have had some similar deep meditation experiences where I lost all bodily awareness, breathing very little on my body’s own natural accord, and experienced a sense of my consciousness in an endless blank space, a “floating” sensation…
    Upon returning to normal consciousness I find that I am intensely energized, and that my sensory awareness is much more acute in that I can easily pay attention to the finest detail of the complexities of a slight sound or smell for example.
    It does seem that there is some difficulty in re-adjusting to the world and it’s demands though, after having such an intense inner experience. (If you have a roommate, and you emerge from such a meditation only to find your roommate babbling at you, you will know what I mean, ha.) Also, the direction of your life itself will seem to be disrupted the more you take on such a serious meditation practice, as you will begin to gravitate toward that which exhibits such peace as your inner experience, and away from the chaos of distractions and people that are immersed in such distraction. And all of that can at times be overwhelming, and tiring yes.

  2. I never heard of someone stimulating the pineal gland.
    How do you know that your pineal gland is causing your secondary reactions?
    Those seem to be common, protective mental barriers in meditation.
    It sounds like you want to have out of body experience, and yet are hesitant.


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