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Do you feel that making love is sacred and holy?

“The Tantra attitude is that you be loving to a person. There is no need to plan, there is no need to rehearse in the mind. There is no need to do anything in particular: just be loving and available. Go on playing with each other’s energy. And when you start making love, there is no need to make it great. Otherwise you will be pretending and so will the other person. He will pretend that he is a great lover and you will pretend that you are a great lover … and both are unsatisfied! There is no need to pose anything. It is a very silent prayer. Making love is meditation. It is sacred, it is the holiest of holiness.”
~from http://worldtantra.org/tantrapage1.html
JHTA~Isn’t God Love?


  1. Good question. I’d have to say that 90% of the population does not feel that way. Hence, prostitutes and male escorts. Its a shame what our society has come to. Sex is all over tv, magazines, etc…. Sex sells. Its really ashame. I think it just temps people seeing it into cheating!! It should be between to people who love each other and shall never desire another!!! But I do feel its a holy thing. Its a special gift!

  2. “Do you feel that making love is sacred and holy?”
    THAT sounds like a bit of mental masturbation to me.
    Me and my girl think it’s fun and totally enjoyable and at times we even reach the spiritual realms.

  3. I’m not sure about sacred and holy, but I personally think it’s like “special” or whatever. What I mean is I wouldn’t be able to have sex with someone who I didn’t love. To me, it’s the greatest expression of love and for that time, we’re one and completely connected.
    I know it’s corny lol

  4. i feel that within the context of marriage, it can be sacred and holy. But i also believe that there is power in being a virgin. Look at queen elizabeth. it was with her faithfulness to her country that they defeated the spaniards.

  5. Yes… sadly now considered sinful and lustful, it was once a sacred act. I’m sure we would be lighting the sacred springtime bonfires right now if it wasn’t considered so taboo now.

  6. It really depends on the specific relationship and the kind of sex you are in the mood to have. A beautiful experience where you feel an intense spiritual connection is totally different than a quickie, even if it’s with the one you love.

  7. Yes sex is sacred and holy and it was designed by God to be pleasurable to husband and wife only! People now-a-days don’t care who they sleep with or if they are married or not. Where have morals gone and the fear of God gone? Sex is more than sex when it’s shared between husband and wife! People need to quit jumping from one bed to the next and actually fear God!

  8. Good advice in a round about sort of way. “Sacred and holy?”, no. Enjoyable, definitely yes. Pretending, well, that’s OK if it’s a mutual part of an games you both are playing. The point is too increase your partner’s pleasure while enjoying it.
    In other words you both should be trying to pleasure each other, true, this may mean sitting back and just enjoying or it may mean forestalling your pleasure while you raise your partner to ecstasy. Either way, it’s a “win win” situation, as long as you both enjoy it.
    I’m not sure why I like to beat “dead horses”, but the only reason we tend to think in such limited terms like monogamy and marriage is that our society has programmed us into that. There have been many and are different approaches to sex and relationships in many different cultures with “marriage” running the gamut from “live long commitment” to “multiple husbands”, to “multiple wives”, and anything in between and off to either side.
    Basically, sex is intended for one thing, to reproduce. We, along with a few other species, have the capability to enjoy it when ever we want, as opposed to just when the female is fertile. Our major problem is that we attach massive baggage to the simple enjoyment of being sexually close with another human.

  9. Absolutely. I also think it’s sometimes a bit funny and more joyful than meditative. But I agree that it’s no place for pretense. If you can hide during sex, you’re missing something.

  10. Yes, then you can enter the marriage bed and raise the Christ child, marriage isn’t about a piece of paper or a Priests blessing it’s about raising the sexual energy to conceive the immaculate conception.

  11. that is a very good take on making love, one that is not widely accepted. i agree with it, though. love is best expressed when we let go of the influence of the mind, and just let it flow from our hearts. much like a meditation, as you said. in my opinion, many people have probably experienced this, but not truly realized it. but i believe it is the best way to love, and would be amazing if both partners were consciously doing it. then /that/ would be sacred.

  12. It is supposed to be. That is why men and women were created and given the desire to be united, as one.
    Today’s world has made a mockery of so many blessings from the Bible and other Holy Books, that to be pure and faithful is the only way to make that love sacred and holy.

  13. I know almost nothing about what Tantra says
    but making love can be holy only when it s not contaminated with lust , when it is purely an act of expression for deep love, wholly devoid of any idea of the prosaic- a love which is diving deep into forgetfulness of other things , immersed in dedication and abandonment -total surrender of the self in the tide of natural love
    if the love is really unconditional,selfless and boundless only then making love can be called above the mundane and petty
    ps – being within the sacred bond of marriage is also a necessary condition

  14. Not if it is not doen for procreation and it must be done with ones husband or wife under God. Otherwise is is most unholy and has nothing to do with love. In fact it is one of the most binding things to this material world and as long as one is attached to sex then at the end of life one will certainly come back to this material world again and again and again. One must concur this enemy called lust. Love means selfless service. One can use sex in the service of God by having God conscious children and offer them in love to the Lord. Of course nothing is ours not this body not the children we bear not our spouses. They are all Gods and should be cared for as His. To think we posess someone or something or to think they are for our pleasure is lust no love. Thanks.

  15. Yes, making love is sacred and holy! First of all, when two people make love there is a transference of energy and karma! When you join with another you take on that Karma! Do you really want to do this? Do you really know who and what this person is truly about and what has happened in their life? If you do and you are going into a serious relationship, then , it becomes a matter of Choice! Today there is too much indiscriminate sex and too much STDs’! The Holy has been relegated to the Profane!


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