Do you feel psychologically enlightened in your journey of Y/A ?

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Although my journey has’nt been very long so far…yet i feel..i am growing day by day.

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yeah its great with the whole points system thing so you can watch it grow.
don’t you just get such a great feeling when you see that you’ve got 10points for a best answer?


I like it here. I have learned much and have been able to give some good advice to help others.
Yes, possibly I am psychologically enlightened. I like it here.


yeah i guess

robert c

Yes!One of lifes successful journey’s


Do you? I don’t feel that I am growing, as I wouldn’t know what to measure or feel. i did in the beginning, but there is a point in which the learning curve tapers off (at least in a particular subject matter). For example, asking tons of questions of psychology will not yield real psychology answers due to the lack of real psychologists on this site. Thus, one’s own curiosity to know will lead to further inquiries into credible sources of knowledge such as a textbook or research literature. It is true to an extent that any interaction will result in some learning, but we have to admit that such a learning does not yield concrete/academic learning, but simply learning of people’s opinions and experiences.


For me, not so much psychologically enlightened as socially satisfied. Yahoo answers gives me a window into the mental processes of a wide range of social genres, something I enjoy exploring. Many laughs at the humour and the flippancy plus some good insights into areas I could never penetrate otherwise. I personally like the interaction insofar as I get to choose what I wish to involve myself in through question and answer selection according to my mood or need for that particular day but I guess everyone has their own reasons for being here.

shail dad



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