Do you feel having an ego is good for your spiritual advancement?

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Why or why not?
My opinion is, no. The ego only causes destruction. However love can move mountains. Having a good self esteem is believing in yourself and helps you see yourself as an equal. An ego causes you to believe you are more superior than others. That is just my opinion. I welcome other’s opinions.

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ego=edging God out

Hate me because I'm EVIL

You do not understand the definitions of the words you are using. The Id, Ego and Superego are all part of the personality, and are quite inseparable (assuming you’re a devotee of Freud.)
And for the record, each of IS superior to others in some ways, and inferior in others. That’s a simple fact of life.

Bearbones QMM

i love eggos, but only in moderation.
same goes for egos


I agree. Ego is putting yourself before others and before God.


egos are not good things.


I’m a Christian and ego to me is self. I believe that self is sin and always getting in the way of allowing the Spirit to work through me. I strive for that as much as possible and fall on my face daily!


The ego is not particularly concerned with spiritual advancement, so I also say no. However, the ego is an important part of human development – it is the lens through which children understand how to function in the world. Therefore it is a part of things and not wholly bad, only that it ought not be left in charge.


i agree, self rightouesness is destruction


A good ego can be an advantage to your personal growth. If you’re talking about being egotistic, then you’re right.
But everybody has ego.


God wants for you the best life as possible. Self esteem is fundamental in your life for your well being. BUT it is not just everything about you. He ask us to “love our neighbor as your self”.


I think people have huge ego’s because they’re trying to fill the gap in their life,in their logic they apply this to materialistic crap….. hey look at my money ,my overpriced car, my McMansion!
Anyone who has faith in their respective God knows what it takes to fill this void, the void of their ego being the only thing keeping us apart……


The true human ego is a divine being and if that ego is evolving and expanding according to spiritual law then it is all apart of the plan and the human ego becomes ,in time,will become a divine being.

Drinkin' your milkshake.

1.The self, especially as distinct from the world and other selves.
2.In psychoanalysis, the division of the psyche that is conscious, most immediately controls thought and behavior, and is most in touch with external reality.
a. An exaggerated sense of self-importance; conceit.
b. Appropriate pride in oneself; self-esteem.
This question seriously begs another question: what is spiritual advancement? Is it being completely selfless to the point of not being the self in which you were born? Is it finding singularity and personal advancement for only yourself, above and beyond others? You can use the word “ego” in any tone and have it fit whichever definition you want. Either way, to not see spiritual advancement as selfish is ignorant, though that’s not to say that it’s bad!
By saying that spiritual advancement is selfish, many will think I mean that it is wrong to find advancement just because the connotation of the term “selfish” is that it is wrong. Wanting to better yourself completely is merely something that is wanted on a personal level (ergo, term “selfish”). Even when one becomes “selfless” in the name of spiritual advancement, is it not for selfish means? I truly believe that to say otherwise is ignorance.
Having an ego during a spiritual journey is nothing but a higher sense of self. Sometimes this IS bad, because if you wrongly believe yourself to be better than others just because you think you are, then you’re going nowhere. But there are those who know they are no better, yet at the same time believe they are a bit better because they realize this humility of which they take part. Do you see the pattern here? It’s that these terms are neutral, and whichever way you use the same term could help your theory, though you have to be careful because there will always be someone to use the term against you.
So yes, having an ego can be good, or it can be bad. It really depends on how you say it, and if you can accept beyond the slight taboos we hold for certain words such as “ego” and “selfishness.”


No. Because it allows one to slip farther away from God. To be Re-Born there must be a death. Best to let go of that which leads to death in the physical and to grab on to that what would allow Life itself to come into one’s life. Love Itself can move mountains and only by Love Itself may it be done.


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