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Do you feel "connected"?

No loneliness
in the solitude
of nature
where gentle
nudgings deeply
move us
reaching out
to blend
make us one.
Rotting twig
on ground
near dusty feet
just traversed
worn pathway
forged long ago
by heavy tread
of those unknown
seeking solitude
or something
Air filled
with whispers
as diligent wind
carries pollen
fulfilling its fate
slight fragrance
from earth below
bears witness
to seasons’ rhythms
continuing on
as before.
River ripples
ancient melody
veil of sound
covers our soul
endless tune
unconcerned if
no one listens
or thinks of it
always the same
enduring melody
in solitude
symphony plays.
Ears awakened
from hushed
sense of smell
by rising
sweet fragrance
are suffused
opened soul
filled by
nature seething
as God perfects
His weaving.
Face to face
we come
embracing innate
eternal knowledge
placed within us
before first breath
spiritual touchstone
always yearning
now touched
in silent rejoicing
our hearts
do not beat
they quake.
The world is wide
with tiny specks
dots of humanity
all life existing
though small
we are part
of this majestic
cosmos, we weep
with hearts full
of gratitude
to the whole.


  1. i love this poem. the only place i really do feel connected is when i’m far from city noises and in the solitude of nature. it gives me the feeling of comfort and of feeling at home. it’s really what life is supposed to be about, is how i think. it’s then i’m so thankful for being given the time i have on earth, to enjoy just being alive. actually, i even feel that way when i’m in my own kitchen, looking at the sun risin over the trees through my kitchen window ; ) it’s wonderful to appreciate every little thing nature has to give us, it really pulls at my heart, for lack of a better way to put it. ” In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.” ~ John Muir

  2. It does show that you really are connected to nature, like the work named: “Road Less travelled”. You shown to everyone that even the smallest details can be as powerful using you conciousness. It is filled with different connected points that it is like a lullaby… you also ended the poem quite nicely. You did connect them all, but I feel something is missing. maybe it is too nature oriented and it would not hurt to add something that are very common to everyone. well this is much of an opinion than a critique … sry if u dont like it

  3. Many great sentiments expressed in that poem. I always feel connected out here in the country where I live being surrounded by nature and the animals I love. When I sit out back and hear the stream over my stone wall that comes down the hill, it really is a beautiful sound. This is where I always feel most connected, here right where I live. I like to occasionally visit the city but I am always so glad to come home to the peace and quiet that surrounds me here..When I watch the birds every day and see them with their young it’s a wonderful feeling, and I know that next year they’ll be back and the cycle continues again for nature and for each of us..

  4. Earlier, we spoke about true virtual virtues. This is it. A writer emerges from another regular person, just like me. Some viewers confuse me with brilliant. I am fast, funny and greatly glib. I can research and translate as fast as anyone I know. A writer is nothing more than a good transcriber. The people with the most thoughts and memories to take down make the best writers. It is very simple, ain’t it, Ma?

  5. If only I could accomplish what the blade of grass I stare at will.
    I read this….three times, MA Beautiful clearing house of our existence.
    Muse schmuse…This is you Dear. Thanks…

  6. The differences between your first poem and this one are exponential. Poetry resides in all of us. It takes work and courage to permit it to emerge.

  7. beautiful :] lately I have been feeling so, very dettached from everyone, just moved into college so it should change soon.

  8. Beautiful poetry -but it’s no wonder nature is seething! Why does God have to perfect his weaving (after all, it should already be perfect -He’s God, for God’s sake!)? 🙂
    Actually, I’m a NYC person (born & raised) so I usually feel more connected to the whole when I’m around people than when I’m off alone someplace. I can admire the wonders of nature, but I need the human interaction to feel connected -but I guess maybe that’s just me.

  9. Why are people blue ?
    Be like bird that flew.
    We gaze at the sun.
    Tomorrow we going to have fun.
    Inside, we like towards our heart.
    I’m not goin to be an old fart.
    Beauty is in the sunflower
    I hold so much power.

  10. This is beautiful Ma. I don’t find it has ‘too much’ nature in it at all. I found myself going back in time to my youth, when I would walk back to ‘the river’ to find peace. I only wish I could do so now.
    Thank you for sharing this.

  11. How often must one tel you that UNDOUBTEDLY you have the voice of a poet, yet not hear you say thank you. A thank you would be given by you with no question, if your soul and your heart had already realized for their sake not your ego, which reaches for recognition, but is miserly to show gratitude to those who ALREADY hold your writing aloft.
    When your voice, heart and soul, Blend into one, most gracious, through that same graciousness shall you then feel, to recognize heart-full (genuine) praise and show such praise a humble gratitude. Pure and Simple. Until then many magnificent perceptions written to paper may flow easily through you, but that as a Poet, does not render you complete.

  12. I feel connected to this
    I feel connected to nature
    I feel connected to others that I’ve never met
    Perhaps we were made from the same dirt heap
    or shared some air molecules long ago.
    You Go Gurl!

  13. I am SO there! YES! I’m gonna go out in the backyard and lay on the lawn under the apple tree. Hopefully an apple won’t fall on my head, they keep falling off. Better an apple than a bird poo though. I’ve had bluejays and magpies in my yard recently. That’s some seriously large poo!

  14. Ma, you are a Writer and this is Poetry. Complex math made simple.
    In a Dot to Dot competition (or even Twister) you would win hands down. You connect with everybody. Is this a new soul in an old body? I think not. It was always there. A time and a place for everything, there is. Your time starts NOW!


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