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Do you fear death?

I used to fear death more than death itself! I was mortally afraid of getting older and wanted to stay young forever. Approaching my 30s (now in my late 20s) was getting traumatic as I could see my mortality and waning fertility as I get older (I have yet to have children, will soon though). Although I’ve had my problems in this life, it was all I’d known and I was always afraid of “disappearing” at death, being non-existent. I was a Roman Catholic, but this brought me no comfort of eternal life, and was spiritually dead…
Until two years ago when I had a minor spiritual awakening, and just knew inside that “whatever was will always be”, and I didn’t know why, but my fear of death and getting old had greatly waned. Then on March 13 this year after reading the New Testament through the whole thing for the first time in my life as a child and with spiritual eyes as directed by Jesus Christ to enter the Kingdom of God, I experienced spontaneous Baptism of the Holy Spirit and mystical marriage and intimate union with God through Jesus Christ, where I’d lost all sense of self and time and was fully awakened. Such love cannot be felt in purely earthly terms, even though I love my husband beyond belief, I love God even more than that, and God loves me even more than I can comprehend, I cannot comprehend it even now. Truly I’d never felt such love and eternity, and describing the experience in words cheapens it, but it changed my life. I came to from the experience with tears running down my face I’d never felt so alive as when I was one with God through Jesus Christ, and I also was the happiest I’d ever known, and fell on my face spontaneously in thanks and love to God and Jesus Christ. After direct experience, I could do no less, I was so incredibly loved and humbled by that incomprehensible love for me. I truly do love God because He loved me so much, as the Bible says. God and Jesus Christ now dwell within me, of that I have no doubt.
I look forward to my physical death when God deems the time right because then I will join with Him forever, that is my only longing in this life now, God and union with Him. I do have a great life on earth and love being here with my husband until He deems right, but I no longer fear death because I have experienced eternity and God. What a difference! Now I know there is really no such thing as death, and that I will never feel death, but only more alive.
Now I’m a spiritually alive Gnostic Christian (for the fact that I’ve had direct experience of God and KNOW He exists — not for the ancient Gnostic Christian theology, which I don’t follow, I go by my Father Yahweh and the Bible)
Anyone else had a similar experience?
Do you fear death? Why or why not?


  1. Everyone fears death, even if only subconsciously. It’s natural to fear what we don’t understand. But we try our best to accept it because we know it is an inevitability

  2. No, I don’t fear being dead- the whole meeting my Maker thing doesn’t scare me…
    But I DO fear dying- the long, slow, sometimes-painful process that leads up to being dead.
    Please, dear God, let my death be quick and painless!

  3. Whether they admit it or not, everybody fears death.
    There is a great movie called” flight from death,the quest for immortality” that deals with that issue. It is very interesting, I suggest you to watch it.

  4. no,for i almost died twice and felt i was spared to help others and try to often.love and compassion now fill me with his spirit.it will make anyone a better human being I strongly recommend it

  5. Can you define “fear”?
    I have no “feeling of agitation and anxiety” in regards to it but I certainly do not want it to happen in the present moment!

  6. Almost anybody with any years behind them has pondered their mortality, and it’s been my experience that most will audaciously claim that they are NOT afraid of death (particularly from ‘quasi-brave’ adolescents).
    So then, everyone IS going to die,… and it IS a fact.
    Given that, what is there to fear?
    I feel the answer to that lies not so much in death itself,…
    … but more in how one will go about dying?
    Many will say that they “Don’t fear The Reaper”…
    …and, who knows, — maybe they don’t.
    But deep down inside the hollow of everyone’s soul, whether admitted or not,…
    … is the fear of His ‘Scythe’,…
    … for no one knows if His Scythe will be sharp or dull when Death comes to reap their soul with it…

  7. As they say if it feels good and gives you the chills
    and willeys you are on a high for a little while and then
    you return to your self again
    Life is still the same no matter what
    I am Episcopal and I am not afraid of death at all
    and I know and believe that I will see the Lord Jesus
    in heaven and how God loves us so much if we remain
    his faithful ones and know that God is
    May the peace of the Lord be with you and blessings

  8. I do not fear death for I know I will be in a better place. I can’t help but worry about my parents though. We are all Christians and know we will meet someday but losing another child might be too much for them.

  9. Death – no problem. Growing old and put in a nursing home, being helpeless and possibly abused…that is what frightens me. When you cannot protect yourself and solely rely on the protection of others who do not love you, that is frightening. Children you have spoiled will take your money, declare you incompetent, leave you a ward of the state hand have you placed in a welfare-grade nursing home. I am in my 40s and have seen this from experience with my parents. It is all the rage for the baby boomers needing cash with kids going to college and retirement fast approaching. We reap what we sow.
    I guess I have some issues.

  10. Not at all! In a way, I’m looking forward to it. It’s going to be great to get out of this sinful world, and I’ll get to meet Jesus face to face!!!

  11. **I look forward to my physical death when God deems the time right because then I will join with Him forever, that is my only longing in this life now, God and union with Him.**
    So, there you are, up in heaven where everything is all candy and rainbows and unicorns and you’ll never know pain or misery or hardship again, but you are not as happy as you thought you would be. The reason for that is because some of the people you loved most dearly are not in heaven with you. Aunt Luellen was a Catholic, and God hates idol worshipers. Uncle Raymond was gay and while he did his best to hide it, God knows everything and God hates gay people, so Uncle Ray is not in heaven. Your best friend was an agnostic, so she’s definitely not admissible. And so the list continues, and suddenly you realize that there is no way you can enjoy paradise while those you love are suffering forever and ever in hell. But it’s too late, your fate is sealed, you are doomed to an eternity of falling on your knees before God and praising him for his goodness, all the while knowing that God put your loved ones in hell just because he didn’t like the way they worshiped–or didn’t worship–him.
    Let me tell you, your kind of heaven does not seem like the sort of place to look forward to. I would rather face complete nonexistence than to be forced to worship someone who put my loved ones in a dungeon where they are burned forever and ever just for having pissed God off. Seriously, how is your version of death any better than just not existing anymore? Is continued existence so important to you that you would be willing to ignore your loved ones’ eternal misery?

  12. I actually have no interest in dying. I suffered a major heart attack several years ago(R coronary artery 100% blocked) and stood on the brink. I fought hard to keep my life when it would have been much simpler to just ‘slip away’. (Most women die during their first heart attack) I care for my aging mother(86) and my disabled husband…it was the thoughts of them that made me fight the hardest. My mother has buried everyone in her/our family but me. So, I wasn’t afraid of dying, I was afraid of what would happen to those I love who depend so much upon me. I remember praying as I struggled to stay conscience, but I don’t know what I said to Jehovah then…I was trying to also keep the car on the road way. (This occurred at 70 mph on the highway, fortunately near an exit.) But I know I found extra strength from Jehovah that day, and I’m ever grateful.
    I still don’t ‘fear’ death, but I don’t wish to die. I love life here on the earth and am constantly thrilled by what I see. Life is such a gift! Yet, if I should die before the end of this system of things, that’s alright too. I know I will be in Jehovah’s memory until the time of the resurrection, when I will be reunited with all the loved ones who’ve fallen asleep in death before me. My dad, my brother, all my aunts and uncles, grand parents, and 2 children.

  13. I do not fear death.
    I have been blessed by God with eternal life. My soul is eternal. God revealed it to me through the inocence of a stranger’s child identifying me by my previous life’s name. I don’t look like that person, but he gave facts he could not have had any learned knowledge of. Also, coincidently, the boy tagged my middle name which was named after my brother’s “imaginary friend” which he talked so much about when my Mom was pregnant with me. I hated that story growing up because my brother was named after my grandfather and father and all I was named after was a figment of my brother’s imagination. It turned into the greatest story of my life when I was 25. I guess my brother’s playmate wasn’t fictional at all. It was my spirit and I “ended up” with the right name.
    My life is Heaven. It will be Heaven. It has always been Heaven. When you don’t sin, you do not feel guilt. I trust the Bible, but interpret it differently than all the churches teach, but literally like Jesus taught. I cannot trust Church, but definitely trust His influence in my life.
    I don’t know why God wanted me to know that, but I am so blessed. I can see His light everywhere, and know that is within me also.

  14. No! I have given my life to Christ and I strongly believe that he will save me when he returns as the Bible says.
    Revelation 1:7.

  15. Maybe dread would be a more appropriate term rather than fear. We certainly fear the unknown, but the possibility of being a non-being is greater than that fear. I know that there is no escape. I cannot cling to any type of hope for an afterlife. It does not seem likely. The only life after death that we can bank on is the perpetuation of our genes if indeed one has had offspring and then those offspring continue to procreate. There is some solace in that hope. Those ideas about going to heaven and seeing God etc. are rather far-fetched. It seems to me that there are those who are guilty of cynicism by spreading these ideas about heaven, hell, afterlife and all of those nebulous things like a soul. I prefer to believe in nature’s God.

  16. I don’t fear death we are all going at the time we as we grow we have to accept that we are not immortal by physical…but i do fear getting old just like seeing my grandma i don’t want to get older like her…


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