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Do you experience Love or Sex?

Please watch the video first before responding, Barry Long was a Tantra practitioner, when he speaks of love it can also be called Sacred Sex.

Rachel: I’m not sure what you mean, could you explain a bit further? Thanks.:)
Alexandra: Yes, a world of difference, no good or bad just the beautiful exchange and rising of sexual energy, all the Chaskra’s vibrating wonderfully, transcendance!!!!!. : )
OOPS!I mean Chakra’s. : )


  1. I don’t need to give love to have sex. And I don’t need to give sex to have love. I had love before I had sex.

  2. Very interesting viewpoint; I never perceived the two from this angle. The only question I have, is how is it possible to demonstrate love through an action that at its very core contradicts the meaning of love? I think I missed this.
    Thanks for making me think!
    Edit: I sent you an email explaining my thoughts. I hope it clears a few things up.
    Ok, I think I understand.

  3. Both. Divine love & physical love.
    Physical love is momentary ECSTASY (2) divine love is not sensual,PERMANENT
    Live in tune with Attractive force of love, achieve harmony with friends & nature and see you / we are attracted Union with God.
    Men look upon women as Mother Nature.
    ‘RACHEL’ U can restore yr divine love

  4. Hi i believe that Barry Long hit it on the mark, a little sexist. I’ve had my fair share of just sex, nothing there but just to get off. But i have fallen in love for the first time and made love with the difference of any other I have ever felt. My love making is very Sacred, its the only time i can give all of myself to a person, mind, body and soul. Never feeling dirty, wanting to disappear or unwanted. Always loving from both parts and respect is huge! Sex is ok, Make love will leave a lasting impact!!!

  5. Love (spiritual love) so deep, it can only be experienced by two people who are completely spiritually awakened. When two are joined together with a mutual desire of the divine in their lives, love and sex are ignited to the highest degree.
    The orgasmic experience is just the enhancement from the mutual love.

  6. I find it so special that few Women know how to do something as simple as project Orgasmic Energy out from the heart Chakra into their Man, and circle it around to be gathered once again at the root Chakra. This is not only the Great healing of mind, body and soul, but is also the basis for ejecting the negative thoughts, poisons, and just plain trash out the crown Chakra for the hand of God to deal with for us and make us pure in heart body and soul.
    Yep, so many of them do the in out repeat thing without knowing how to tighten a few things here and there to become so far beyond orgasmic….. well, have you ever tried to explain color to someone who’s been blind all their life? Me, if they have even a spark of Male energy I can flame that into a raging forest fire of passion in a matter of minutes, and I know secrets in how a touch here, and a slight rubbing there will give him …. well, those who know do not need to hear, and those others would never believe a 4 hour erection without drugs anyway… but I have to draw the line at 3 a day if I want them rested up for tomorrow nights activities… makes no sense to break your toys now does it! Then again, my Men have always been the Prime Alpha… they didn’t start that way, but as they say, “Behind every GREAT MAN, there is a Woman!” and now you know what she does for her MAN!

  7. … Love…
    After reading your question then watching the video . . .my answer, and preference is Love. Sacred sex that’s experienced in shared authentic Love is very powerful and joyful.
    Yes…there is sex and then there is sacred sex. With authentic / sacred sex ” The Love is Always There . . . ”
    ” Sex pursues and forgets about love “.
    ” Whatever sex is…Love is not “.
    To express authentic Love through the sharing of Sacred Sex is stunning, powerful, blissful and joyful indeed.
    Dating…sex without love…fun but empty. Marriage…sex without love…nauseous and empty. Hence one reason for some divorces. Either way…empty spiritually or sexually…not a pleasant place to be.
    Sacred, loving sex . . . there’s the joy and authentic Love.

  8. love doesnt need sex but sex should be with love…if we follow this rule there will be no frustration and disillusions.


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