Do you ever wonder what random people percieve your personality to be like?

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Or what kind of aura do you give off?
Like: college class mates, high school mates, colleagues, people that stare at you
Is there any way you can tell?
You guys totally took a one eighty one my question. I didn’t mean do you care what people think of you/ What type of personality do you think you exude by not saying a word? Oh never mind. I can’t explain it well enough for you guys I guess.

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Haven’t thought about it.

B Dorian

Couldn’t care less about how random people see me.
Though, the people I do care, I manipulate their perception so they see me they way I want them to.


I like to think I am the way I appear on camera. Video captures the essence of my gestures, my facial expressions and my spirit.


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