Home Discussion Forum do you ever think abouy your cat& then your cat appears? like...

do you ever think abouy your cat& then your cat appears? like telepathy?


  1. no but my old cat will go in to an empty room and meow like he is lost then i’ll call him and he comes running in and jumps in my lap purring at full capacity,
    a cat beahviorist says he is ‘greeting’…..maybe he sees gosts,
    he is old maybe he is crazy……

  2. Jennie
    Yes, Hon, it happens to me all the time.
    I do sincerely believe that cats are telepathic, and that all animals have a “sixth sense” that we mere humans don’t give them credit for. However, I think this ability is more pronounced in cats than any other species; it’s not hard to see why they have both been worshipped as gods, and credited with the ability to turn into witches!

  3. Yep! All the time! I have one short-hair orange tabby named Barney, I rescued him from certain death by coyote. I had read that if you “think” about the cat, from the cats point of view, you can bring them to you. So when lying in bed, I visualize what it would look like to him to jump up on the bed and crawl up on my back. 9 times out of 10 it works. He is especially prone to responding at nightime. Doesn’t work with my other 2 cats, just Barney.


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