Do you ever get tired of wasting your energy trying to be friends?

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with people that don’t give a **** about you and just want to use you because you are a nice person? Time to move on and make new friends, or stay to myself, family, and the one true friend that I do have.

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Resourceful - Daniel

I’m kind of like you man. Just let your relationships happen and you’ll be better off. Just accept the fact that you’re time is more valuable towards yourself than with someone who doesn’t give a fuck.
Good luck man, just embrace it and let the good ones come on their own.

Tobias B

I learnt that to use someone is OK, to abuse someone isn’t
So maybe in your case that person is a good friend?

John A

Move on from people who are users but do not let them control your relationship life like a vampire from beyond the grave. Yes, do not waste time with whomever is making you miserable but do not give them the satisfaction of making you friendship/love shy. Keep trying to make new friends. I as much as any man know the temptation to ignore nearly everybody but we cannot do this. Just plug ahead and
I am sure you will find worthwhile people.


Dear Tonya W find a new friend that you deserve nice people like yourself are out there it takes time though OK Good friends don’t want to use you & don’t change who you’re for anyone You’re a leader not a follower & you have the right to choose caring friends OK


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