Home Discussion Forum Do you ever get frightened by the crazy bodily you?

Do you ever get frightened by the crazy bodily you?

Does it ever scare you to think about the uncountable number of moving pieces in your body and all the things that could go wrong at any moment if you went into the wrong environment or ate the wrong things? Each of your cells has a trillion+ moving pieces and you have octillions of those cells maneuvering within and against lots of organ tissues! Pretty freaky eh?
Do you ever stop and think: Holy crap, why couldn’t I have stayed in food form?
Does this experience prompt the above question or a spiritual awakening?


  1. Cool question! I have to say, since we are born with cancer cells and they can be triggered by what we do and eat, there’s pretty much a LOT we need to be doing with this body that we have!

  2. No dosen’t bother me the least bit, It is pretty cool though. Once you understand how things work the mystery goes away though.

  3. “Did you ever really get into your hand, Les?” (Dr. Johnny Fever, stoned and looking at his hand, on WKRP in Cincinnati).
    I tend to trip on my own existence a lot. It’s like, “Whoa…I’m here. What were the odds of that happening?” I could have been a koala bear or something. Instead, I get to be human, bonus.
    Here’s a good one. If you are standing on the ground, are you standing at the edge of the universe? Since to leave the planet, you have to go up, is the surface the edge?
    No spiritual awakening here, just a desire to learn more.

  4. I have been eating such junk lately; I seem to have no control over my stupid behavior. What frightens me is how my poor body is having to deal with all this sugar and fat, and that it might just give me a heart attack because I’m treating it so badly. I can’t seem to come up with any self discipline. God help me!


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