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Do You Ever Energy Cleanse Your House to Eliminate Negative Energy?

I’m not talking about cleaning up your house. I’m talking about cleansing the energy of your house to get rid of negative energy.
I use a bowl of salt in each room of my house to absorb the negative energy and I leave it there for 30 minutes to an hour and I discard the salt.
Afterwards, the energy of my house feels very light and comfortable.
I’ve been to other people’s homes and most of the time the energy of their homes feels very “heavy” and uncomfortable to the point where I feel sick.
Especially when people have arguments in their homes or they suffer from sickness they leave negative energy behind and that’s why it’s recommended to clean the energy in their homes before it affects other people.
And not energy cleansing your home can manifest itself into sickness or rage.
Yeah sage is also good for energy cleansing. You can also use white candles.


  1. Have you considered leaving bowls of salt in other people’s houses without their knowledge in order to see if this actually works the way you describe or if it is simply the result of your imagination and belief that it works? Is there a reason why this test would not work? Otherwise, this seems to be nothing more than superstition.
    I will give this theory a test in my own very negatively charged home now to see if it works and see how it affects others. I’ll make every possible attempt not to to let my own actions affect the outcome negatively.


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